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Bungee jumping in Kenya

Information about Bungee jumping in Kenya

We are jumping off a 60 meter (200 feet) high, custom build steel tower erected on the banks of the Tana River near Sagana, which the participant will have to climb, safely tight up of cause, before the jump.

Bungee jumping in Kenya

Costs of bungee jump is Kshs 5, 000 per person. US$ 63 for a non resident. Call +254202010639 or +254722218260 or +254733899909

Minimum number of people required is four! Call to check if there is availability.

Weight restrictions.
Maximum weight of a jumper is restricted to 110 kg.
Minimum weight 40 kg.
Maximum weight with a tandem jump (two people jumping together at the same time) is a combined weight of 105 kg.
There is no age restriction; on the other hand the client will have to fit properly into the harnesses provided.
Weight and the correct fitting of the harnesses are the most important safety factors in Bungee jumping. We do take safety seriously so people will be weighed before the jump and those that do not fulfill the weight restrictions or fit into the safety harnesses properly will not be allowed to jump.
In case a client is refused a jump due to weight or size a full refund will be given.

Time restrictions for each jump.
Every person will have 15 minutes in the jump cage. If the jump has not taken place after that time the person will be returned to the ground without refund.
On days where we are not so busy the time spent in the cage before the jump may be extended, alternatively another chance may be given sometime later in the day.

Release of liability.
Every jumper, or in the case of minors, a parent or guardian, will have to sign a ‘release and assumption of risk’ form.

Rate for Bungee only is Kshs 5, 000 per person, per jump.

Bungee jump as part of a safari.
The Bungee jump can be as part of a Safari up north, on the way to Mount Kenya, White water rafting at Tana River with the Savage experts, the Aberdares or Samburu National Park as we are located only one hour thirty minutes out of Nairobi on the Nyeri road. A picnic-camping site is available.

Bungee and White Water Rafting.
The Bungee jump can be combined with a day of white water rafting with Explorer Kenya.  In this case transport from and to Nairobi as well as a barbeque lunch and drinks will provided by Explorer K. and the Bungee jump will take place either before or after the rafting.
Costs for both activities together are Kshs 14000/US$235 per person, An extra night at camp with food, drinks and accommodation provided will be a total of Kshs 14,500/US$ 240
On the one day trip we will leave Nairobi between 7:30 and 8:00 o clock in the morning. Exact pick up time will depend on pick up point. Return to Nbi will be before dark so sometime between 18:00 18:45 in the evening.
On the overnight option we will leave Nbi at the same time as above but will return the next day to Nbi around lunchtime.

Minimum number of pax required is four!
In case you do need more information or you would like to book please contact us by either email:  or Tel. Nbi +254202010639 or our mobile +254733899909, +254722218260

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