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Climbing Mount Kenya


Climbing Mount Kenya –
Routes and information on climbing Mount Kenya




Located deep in the central highlands lie Kenya’s highest peak, Mount Kenya. The mountain is the remains of an extinct volcano that expired millions of years ago. The mountain lies right across the equator but its height allows for the formation of glaciers and has snow on the peak.

Otherwise known as God’s mountain – the resident Kikuyu tribe

e that live around Mount Kenya region believed and worshiped facing the mountain where folklore claimed God lived.

This is Africa’s 2nd highest peak. The mountain has 3 peaks. Batian, Nelion that can only be reached by technical climbers via rock and ice and point Lenana which is the easiest peak to reach for mountaineers that are reasonably fit.

Located just past Nanyuki town, about 190 kilometers from Kenya’s capital Nairobi, the mountain can be reached via tarmac road to Nanyuki, Naro moru and Chogoria

in Meru County. From either of these towns you could reach the mountain by use of a 4 x 4 vehicle as roads are not paved and this can be slippery during wet conditions that are pre-existing most of the year. The alternative is to trek to the start of the climbing trail.

Mount Kenya is located within Mount Kenya National Park and the climbing trails are accessed through gates manned by Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers. Your park entry fee allows you to enter the park either for 24hrs or as part of a climbing package we provide on the 3 main routes. These are Mount Kenya climbing routes


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Climbing Mount Kenya

*Naro Moru route

*Sirimon Route

*Chogoria Route

Alternative but infrequently used routes are:

*Burguret Route

*Meru Route

*Timau Route

When to go;

Best times to climb Mount Kenya are between December to March and June to early October before an advent of the short rains. Both climbing seasons provide you with the best chances of reaching your desired peak with mild weather and each option avoids the heavy long rain and short rain seasons. Though the rain season is avoided, occasional showers do occur all year round so it’s good to be prepared for some rain.

Trip duration ranges from 4 days through the easier Sirimon route and up to 8 days through the scenic Chogoria route. Number of days will depend on your budget, level of fitness and route chosen.


To reach point Lenana, the 3rd highest peak, you first need to be reasonably fit and to take your time when doing the climb. A rapid ascent is not recommended due to depletion of oxygen levels in the air as you go up the mountain.

Your training should include regular walks on hills with a bag pack that is about 10 kilos.

Do some gym work outs for at least 2 months before your climb. This should focus strengthening your leg muscles including thighs, calf muscles.

You should be mentally prepared to make the trek up Mount Kenya. This is the most important preparation as you will be sleeping in tents or Banda’s (mountain Huts) eating outside and spending a lot of time trekking.

You need to be clear headed and calm, ready to climb slowly and steadily to acclimatize, sleep early, drink lots of water and eat well to maintain strength and body heat.

Climbing routes over view;

Sirimon Route.

Most popular for short duration climbs.

-Cheapest route to climb Mount.

-Starts from Nanyuki town.

-Can be done on the same day you leave Nairobi.

-Accessed via Sirimon gate.

-Route goes up Sirimon and down Sirimon. Same ascent and descent.

-Scenic with gradual ascent.

-Can be done in 3-4 days

-Route: *Sirimon gate.

* Old Moses camp/ Judmair Camp.

* Makindu Valley to Shipton Camp.

* Summit and descend to Old Moses camp.

* Descend to Sirimon gate for pick up to Nanyuki and on to Nairobi.

Naro Moru Route.

-Most popular Mount Kenya climbing route.

-Can be done in 3-4 days.

-Not very scenic.

-Great route for acclimatization.

-Passes through wet marsh land that saps strength since you pass through the vertical bog an unpleasant muddy, sticky region.

Route: -*Naro Moru Gate

*Met station.

*The Vertical bog

*Taleki Valley

*Mackinder Camp.

*Met Station Descent.

*Naro moru gate and on to Nairobi.


Chogoria route

-This is the most beautiful and scenic route to climb Mount Kenya. Has a spectacular view of the mountain lakes and surrounding highlands.

-Takes 6-8 days.

-Route*Chogoria town overnight.

*Meru Banda’s.

*Lake Michaelson.

*Taleki Valley

*Mintos Hut

*Mackinder Camp

*Met Station.

*Naro Moru Park Gate and on to Nairobi.


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