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Masai Mara Camping Safari

Masai Mara Camping Safari

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The 3 day Masai Mara camping safari tour is about having a close encounter with the wildlife population found in the Masai Mara Game Reserve. You can easily spot Lions, Leopards, Elephant, Cheetahs, Buffalo and numerous other wild animals in their natural habitat as they have existed over the centuries on your safari trail.






The Masai Mara camping safari provides the most cost effective way to view wildlife in the Masai Mara in a reasonable number of days for an amazing price!

We are currently offering the Masai Mara Camping safari as a group or private safari for 2 or more people up to a maximum of 7 people in a safari van that has a pop up roof for game drives. This provides our clients with flexible game viewing times, flexible game drives, lots of space to take photos and view wildlife and the flexibility that a private safari driver/guide will offer you in terms of where to go and view wildlife in Masai Mara. This is not usually possible in a group trip.

The 3 days Masai Mara camping safari takes you to Africa’s best game reserve to view wildlife, great scenery and bird life plus an experience interacting with the Masai tribe who has lived for centuries in harmony with the wildlife, grazing their cattle right next to the Africa’s fierce predators without fear of attack.
Masai Mara is home to most species of Africa’s wildlife. There is wildlife all year round in the Mara so there is no excuse as to why you should not visit this park anytime you are in Kenya.
During the July – October season, millions of wildebeest, Zebras and Gazelles embark on the greatest land based animal migration on earth. Trekking from the plains of Serengeti in Tanzania through the Mara River where ferocious crocodiles await eagerly to pounce on the unsuspecting herbivores. Escorted by prides of lions, cheetahs, sly leopards, laughing hyenas and the ominous vultures soaring high in the sky waiting to scavenge any sickly or tired animal that cannot make the trek. The Masai Mara Safari allows you to be part of this incredible adventure.
During the January –June and November –December seasons, the migrations is in Serengeti but there is resident wildlife in the Masai Mara so will still be able to spot lots of animals during this time.
December to January is the calving time for most herbivores in the Masai Mara so there is a lot of prey for carnivores. The season is warm and dry making it ideal for game viewing.
Where to stay in the Masai Mara on the camping safari.
Camp is based just outside the Ololamutiek Gate of the Masai Mara. There is no fence between the park and the outside environment therefore wildlife roams wide and free even close to the camp. The camp is fenced off to protect residents from predators and unpredictable animals like elephants. Camps are self contained with flush toilets and private bathrooms inside the tent. There is hot water in the morning and evening to take a shower. Tents have permanent roof to protect against rain and harsh weather and to keep the tent cool during the day, warm at night. There is a mosquito net over the bed to protect you from the insects at night so remember to tuck it in tightly around the bed edges.


Day 1 Nairob to Masai Mara

We will pick you up in Nairobi either at your hotel or other Nairobi accommodation. Pick up time is usually 7:00 AM but this will depend on where you are staying within the city. (You are briefed on your pick up time once you confirm where you are staying in the city) Depart from Nairobi and drive to the Rift Valley View Point where you will stop and take some snaps of the sheer drop of the Rift Valley, the nearby Suswa Ranges and Mount Longonot. Descend on a winding road to the floor of the Rift Valley driving to Narok Town where you will refuel. This is the last town stop on the road to the Mara so you can stock up on snacks and drinks as you head out to the jungle. Drive on to Masai Mara arriving at the camp in the early afternoon. You will procede on a game drive at 3:45 PM as the mid-day heat retreats and as the sun goes down and wildlife emerges from the shade. Your driver/guide will spot wildlife and give you a close up look and details of their behaviour and way of life. At 6:30 PM your game drive will end. Drive to the camp where you can have a hot water shower before dinner. The Masai guards at the camp will light you a bonfire where you can have a drink as they regale you with stories of their culture and way of life that has been unchanged for thousands of years after which you can head out to your tent for rest and overnight.

Day 2: Full day Game Drive
Have breakfast at 6:30 AM and head out on a full day game drive in Kenya’s most popular game sanctuary where you will have the best opportunity of spotting the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant). You shall drive along the savannah plains of the Mara crossing sreams and gulleys as you search for wildlife that is scattered all over the game reserve. If you fancy, you can head out to the Mara River where you will be able to view hippos in the pools and crocodiles sunbathing on the banks of the river. At 1 PM your guide will head out to a picnic spot where you can disembark from the vehicle to have your packed lunch which will have been prepared by your camp chef and packed in the vehicle as you head out in the morning. After a short rest, resume on your afternoon game drive. Drive back to camp in the late afternoon. You have the option to visit to a local Maasai village. Note gratuities are given to the Masai when you visit their village. After having a hot shower head out to the dining hall for dinner. Overnight at the camp.

Day 3: Masai Mara to Nairobi
At 6:15 PM head out on a game drive in search of Africa’s big cats as they complete their night’s hunt or feed on their prey. You have great chances to view lions, cheetahs and leopards at this time of the morning. Have the game drive till 9 AM then head to camp for breakfast. Depart Masai Mara for Nairobi with a short stop at a curio shop where you can buy some souvenirs to remind you of a great holiday in the Mara. Head out for Nairobi with lunch en route, arriving about 16:00hrs where you can be dropped off at your hotel or Nairobi accommodation.


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Camping Accommodation on the Safari in Masai Mara.

You stay in a tent that has a permanent roof, bed, bed linen, hot water shower and private toilet all self contained in the tent. Tents are high in height and one can stand freely inside. Tents accommodate 2 people of the same gender – separate beds or couples – one bed or twin beds as you wish, 3 persons traveling together – 3 beds or a single person if you wish to have your own private tent at a small fee. The camps are located at the Olomutia and Sekanani gates of the Masai Mara National Reserve.

This safari is flexible as it departs everyday through out the year. You can also extend your safari by staying an extra day in Masai Mara or onwards to Lake Nakuru and Amboseli if you so wish.

There is electricity 6 PM – 10 PM and 5 AM – 7AM to charge your phones and cameras. Food is taken in the dining hall. Camp is fenced off from the main reserve so wildlife cannot access it. There are Masai guards who patrol the camp at night thus it is safe.

Please note safari is also extendable by a day to Lake Nakuru National Park for US$ 545 per person whereby you leave Masai Mara in the late morning for Nakuru with lunch at Mai Mahiu or Naivasha towns. You arrive Nakuru in the early evening for rest and overnight at a budget hotel. The next day you leave the hotel after breakfast for the Nakuru National Park where you have a full day game drive leaving in the afternoon for Nairobi.

Campsite on a Masai Mara Camping Safari

Optional activities on the Masai Mara Budget Camping Safari include a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Masai Mara at US$ 425 per person, this is a life time experience where you soar high above the Masai Mara to get an early morning panoramic view of the world most loved natural game reserve. Champagne bush breakfast is arranged for you at the balloon landing point to crown what will be an amazing morning before you continue with your days activities.

Alternative optional activity on the safari is a visit to a Masai Village to learn of the Masai culture and their way of life. Note gratuities are given to the Masai. This is US$ 25 – 30 per person in the group visiting the Masai. You can enjoy a traditional Masai dance at the Masai Boma as you make friends.

FAQ about the Budget Camping Safari in Masai Mara

1) Do I need to bring sleeping bags or other equipment? – No camp has beds and bed linen. You only need warm clothing for the night.

2) What about the washrooms? Are they shared or ensuite? – Each tent has its own private toilet and hot water shower.

3) How many people to one tent? Are there mosquito nets?- There are mosquito nets over the bed in the tent, though you will need to tuck it in well otherwise mosquitos have a knack to find the smallest opening and making a feast of your blood as you sleep! 2 people of the same gender per tent using separate beds. If you are a single traveler and a single tent is available, this can be availed to you at no extra charge but this will depend on availability of the tent and is at the discretion of the camp manager who is not obligated to provide it but may do so on a case by case basis depending on availability and groups coming in later in the day or the next day. If camp has lots of people or its a busy season a small extra fee is charged for a private tent.

4) What kind of vehicle is used for the safari? – A safari minivan with a pop up roof for game viewing and sliding windows is used on this trip. If you prefer to use a 4×4 jeep you may request for this when making an enquiry about the safari. Note 4×4 jeeps are only available on a private trip and will cost more.

5) Will there be a stop to view Rift Valley? – Yes on your way to the Mara the driver will stop at the Rift Valley view point where you can take pictures and a have a picturesque view of the Rift Valley.

6) I am a vegetarian – can you accommodate? – Yes, vegetarian meals are provided on request. You need to inform us in advance and you could also inform the cook at the camp if you have any special requirements or needs in terms of your diet.

7) Where do you pick up clients in Nairobi? – We pick you up from any city center hotel and the surroundings. You would need to let us know where you are staying so that we are able to confirm if we can send a vehicle to pick you up from there.

8) What should I bring on the safari? – Carry warm clothing for the night, cool clothing for the day. A warm sweater or jacket for the evenings. A camera, pair of binoculars if you have one, charger for your camera and other electrical equipment. A large memory card for your camera to avoid missing great photos. A torch to navigate your way at night after lights out. Snacks to nibble on in the early evenings and on the full day game drive. A sturdy pair of shoes, mosquito repellant jelly from any supermarket in Nairobi or en-route and a great sense of adventure!


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