Types of Safari vehicle used in Kenya

Kenya is East Africa most visited safari destination featuring an array of adventure experiences. Anytime a tourist book for a safari the question on the type of vehicle that best fits the desired safari experience pops up. In Kenya there are two main types of safari vehicles, safari vans and Land cruiser, which are customized to other models that meet different adaptations. Most travelers will prefer the cruisers regarded to be more versatile with demonstrable ability to navigate the rugged dry weather roads in various national parks. However, it’s important to note that your safari experience will be more dependant on the vehicle maintenance; far from the tourist vehicle type you choose. A good safari vehicle must be serviced on regular basis and must not be too old. Here are some of the most common safari vehicle models you can pick for your nest safari.

a.    Open rooftop mini Van

They are mainly 9 seaters vans customized to incorporate the features found on a normal land cruiser. These include transparent side windows and open rooftop for viewing or photography while standing or seated. The vehicle will will only limit you from off-roading when sighting a scene away from the roads. Off roading is better when using the more powerful land cruiser that can easily navigate off the established paths. Mini van is also not good for safaris over the wet season when most roads in the park are slippery or when navigating through watergogged sections of the park.

When to for a Kenya safari with a mini van

When on a tight budget. All said and done, there is a veiled difference between a van safari and a cruiser safari. Firstly, most public parks in Kenya limit/ prohibit off roading which means that most of the time game view take place from the park main roads. Again, game safaris are at climax over the dry period when the park roads are passable.

b.    Rooftop safari land cruisers

These are mainly land cruiser jeeps customized with a rooftop and transparent side windows. The vehicles are slightly more expensive than the mini vans which goes to the enhanced comfort and that they have a bitter view of things happening outdoors. The vehicle is all weather and can be used for off roading. Though off roading is prohibited in government parks, some destinations especially private parks allow vehicle to off road to a certain distance for a close range view of scenes happening away from the park main roads.

When to go for a Kenya safari with a rooftop safari landcruiser

When looking for the best quality overland safari mean. Rooftop Land cruisers are the best vehicle you can have for roadtrip safaris in Kenya. They are more comfy than van and offers a more quality wilderness experience. The price difference between a travelers on a minivan and land cruiser is approximately 100 USD per day which isn’t too expensive upgrading for a topnotch experience.

c.     Open-sided safari land cruiser

Open sided safari land cruisers are at the top end of safari vehicle you can have while on a kenya safari. These vehicles come in two models but without much difference in terms of experience I.e some are fully opened including the rooftop while others are only open on the sides but leaving a canvas or metallic rooftop. Open sided safari vehicles are prohibited in most government parks which explains why you will most likely find them in the private conservancies. The vehicles are also not used in public roads. You will therefore have to seek other means of transport, most probably air transfers, to move from a destination to another. Open-sided safaris however offer the best safari experience of nature as there are no obstructions between occupants and the wilderness.

When to go for a Kenya safari with a rooftop safari landcruiser

When looking for the best safari experience inside a conservancy. Though they only operate on private parks and a few other select places like Mara triangle open sided safaris creates a breathtaking interlink between the occupants and the surrounding. Since the vehicles are only found in safari lodges/ camps inside various bush destinations, open-sided safaris can only work for tourist on air safaris.

d.    Open sided photography safari vehicle

This is an open sided safari vehicle that has further been modified for optimal photography safari experience. An ideal photo safari vehicle has 4 swivel seats that can rotate up to 360 degrees, has a dropdown side where you can take low angle perspectives. Like the open sided safari vehicles, these vehicles can be used in public parks.

When to go for an open -sided photography safari vehicle

When going for a photo safari in the private conservancies. Open sided vehicle allow you to take photos without distractions of any material between you and your subject. The vehicle is also customized to give you a better image perspective from all directions.

e.     Convertible photo safari vehicle

This is a new generation of safari vehicles that merge the concept of both open sided and rooftop safari vehicles . This type of safari vehicle has large window panes that can slide vertically leaving sides open akin to open sided safari vehicles. It is the best option for overland photo safaris. These vehicles are adopted for optimal photo experience in both public and private parks.

When to go for convertible photo safari vehicle

When going for a road-trip photo safari/ when going for a photo safari in both public and private parks. This type of vehicle can be used in road transfers which is cost effective than air transfers. Kenya road transfers also come with extra photo opportunities taking images in various rift valley viewpoints. With this type of safari vehicle you can go for photography in both public and private national parks hence increasing the scope of your photo experience.

f.      Overland safari trucks

These are trucks used by large related groups of 12 -44 individuals. This type of safari vehicle has pop roof where you can stand and watch the scenes, completely sliding window for a boundless view at seating point, en suite kitchen and onboard servants. Most overland trucks are modified to give home-style comfort to the occupants as they cruise through the panoramic landscapes. The storage space is more spacious with some lockable closets making them the best vehicles for group camping safaris.

When to go for overland trucks

When looking for a pocket friendly option for a large group of travelers. The cost of overland transfers with an overland truck is lower when compared to other types of safari vehicles. The trucks are also the most ideal for large group of backpackers moving with camping equipment.

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