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The Kenya Coast Region also is also known as Mkoa wa Pwani in Swahili, is located along the spectacular Indian Ocean (the third largest ocean in the world), covering an area of 79,686 square kilometers.
It comprises the Indian Ocean coastal strip with the capital city at Mombasa and was inhabited by the Mijikenda and Swahili.

There is a string of islands that run up the coast including Chale Island, Wasini Island, Manda Island, Lamu Island, Funzi Island, Pate Island and Kiwaiyu Island. All these islands are spectacular and worth visiting.

The coast is divided into two; North Coast and South Coast. There are several superb white sandy beaches in the where guests can enjoy themselves. The beaches in North Coast include Shanzu beach, Bamburi beach, Nyali beach, Kikambala beach, Lamu Beaches, Watamu Beach. The beaches in South Coast include Diani Beach, Galu beach, Msambweni beach, Funzi Island and Chale Island,


Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya lying on the Indian Ocean and is one of the country’s leading tourist destination. It was initially known as Kisiwa Cha Mvita meaning “Island of War’.
It is bestowed with beautiful stretches of pristine white sandy beaches including Nyali beach, Likoni Beach, Kisauni Beach, Diani Beach, Nyali beach, Bamburi beach, Tiwi beach, and Vipingo beach.
The city is about 500 kilometers from Nairobi and can be easily accessed by road, by plane (about 45 minutes flight from Nairobi), by boat (private boat, ferry and cruise ship) and by train (about 5 hours from Nairobi).
The city has a major port (Kenya Ports Authority) and an international Airport (Moi International Airport). There is a deep and cultural heritage that most guests cannot resist.
The climate in Mombasa is tropical with temperatures above 32 degrees celsius mostly in January to March, July to October. There are two rainy seasons: long rains occur between April and May while short rains are between November and December.

October to March is the best time to explore marine life hence ideal for snorkelers and scuba divers. Most whales migrate through the area from the end of June to December.

Apart from their beach and ocean attractions, there are archeological sites on the mainland with the ruin of forts, mosques, towns and some towns. This includes Fort Jesus, Gedi ruins, the old town of Lamu and many more.

Two spectacular areas are enclosed in marine national parks, around Watamu and Malindi, and at the island of Wasini. During your stay in Mombasa, there are many activities and touring attractions that are interesting and guided by our representatives.