Safari Vehicle Hire Kenya

4×4 Safari Vehicle Hire and Rental in Kenya

At Explorer Kenya Safaris, we provide 4×4 safari vehicle hire and rental. We have a fleet of 25  4 x 4 safari land cruisers and safari customised vans for hire. Each vehicle is accompanied by an experienced safari guide who is also a professional driver. Our vehicle licences require the car to be driven by our driver guides. This is because the vehicles are licenced as tour service vehicles (TSV) under Kenyan law. Therefore, our experienced safari driver guides must drive the cars with the necessary tour guide licence. Our guides have between 10 and 35 years of experience guiding wildlife safaris. We can also assist you in booking your hotels and arranging your safari itinerary. The service can be included as part of your safari vehicle hire at no extra cost. If you need a self-driving car hire vehicle, we cannot help you.

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4×4 Safari Vehicle Hire – Car Rental for Safari Customized 4×4 Land Cruisers, Jeeps, and Safari Vans

We have a wide range of safari vehicles that can withstand all-terrain. Vehicles include safari mini-vans with a top hatch for easy game viewing, 4 x 4 all-terrain safari land cruisers, and 25 seat shuttle buses for groups.

All our safari vehicles are customised for the rough safari terrain and are well serviced and in excellent condition to ensure they do not break down when you are on your safari in Kenya. The safari vehicles are also fitted with long-range high-frequency radio so that driver-guides can communicate in parks when searching for wildlife on game drives. Note we are a destination management company (DMC) based in Kenya, so we can also assist you in planning your safari in Kenya and Tanzania at no extra cost, even when all you need is to hire a safari vehicle. We will advise on the best places to visit depending on the safari season and the most appropriate places to stay when in or near parks for the best safari experience. We can also help you book accommodation and advise on park fee payments, and if it’s all too much work, we can arrange the whole safari for you as a package depending on your requirements. We will work together to ensure you get the best experience possible when planning and when on your safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

4×4 Car Hire Kenya – Types of Safari Vehicles Available for Hire

There are five types of vehicles available for hire for your safari in Kenya and Tanzania. These are

  • eight seat 4×4 Land Cruisers
  • seven seat 4×4 Land Cruisers
  • five seat 4×4 Land Cruisers
  • eight seat safari vans
  • 25 seat shuttle buses

Each vehicle has its advantages and use. Groups mainly use the shuttle buses for transfers within cities since they are not made for rough terrain. The other four types of vehicles are specially made for safari and have pop-up roofs which open up vertically to ensure you can stand on a game drive and take photos of animals and birds while in national parks and game reserves. They have large slide windows that you can open and enjoy your game drive in the park if you get tired of standing to use the pop-up roof. Some seven and five seat Land Cruisers are also customised specially for wildlife photography. They have canvas roll-up windows which, your driver-guide will roll up before a game drive for an expansive view and easy manipulation of your cameras (especially with long photography lenses!) when taking photos. These vehicles are ideal for wildlife photography safaris. Note bean bags can be provided free of charge – on request – if you need one to stabilise your camera when taking photos.

Toyota Land Cruiser (4 wheel drive) – 8 or 7 seat safari customised 4×4 Land Cruisers and Jeeps

–  Safari vehicle hire rate per day is US$ 150 without fuel and park entry fees for the vehicle and driver-guide
– Vehicle seats either eight or seven passengers comfortably. Each person has a window seat in the seven-seat vehicle. One person in the eight-seat vehicle occupies the middle seat at the back
– The vehicle is customized for safari. It has a pop-up roof and has  special shock absorbers  for game viewing and photography
– Vehicles are driven by a professional safari guide with between 10 – 35 years of experience guiding wildlife safaris
– We provide a free airport pick up and drop off if the airport pick up and drop off is on the same days as your safari
– The price given does not include fuel and does not include park entry fees for the vehicle and driver-guide. We can help you calculate this
– The vehicle is ideal for any group between 8 – 4 people travelling together.
– Every passenger has a window seat to spot wildlife (except in the eighth so that seat, where one passenger has to use the pop-up roof)
– The vehicle has a large pop-up roof to view wildlife and for photography
– The 4×4 Land Cruiser vehicle has a total of two diesel tanks, so it can cover long distances without refuelling
– The vehicles are customised with a long extended chassis that allows for good legroom for all passengers
– Vehicles have comfortable seats that recline
– We have customised the vehicles with a specially customised load compensating suspension system for smoother rides on rough roads
– The vehicle has High-Frequency Radio that allows the guide to collaborate with other guides when searching for wildlife.
– All safari vehicles have two spare wheels
– They also have four doors that open wide for easy access
– WiFi can be provided at no extra cost on request

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7 Passenger 4×4 Land Cruiser

A standard 4x4 safari 4x4 Land Cruiser

4x4 Safari Land Cruiser

Improved Photography opportunities with the Land Cruiser

The open side 4×4 Land Cruiser is ideal for wildlife photography. It has removable glass windows that are replaced with canvas sides that are rolled up to allow open and unlimited access to the outside of the vehicle when taking photos. The doors also have large panes that roll down, meaning you have many positions to get the best shots when taking pictures. The pop-up roof is large and gives a 360-degree view of the environment thus, you can take photos standing or seated.
The canvas sides can be zipped down, providing protection in case of rain, dust or scorching sun, so this vehicle gives you the freedom to take the best wildlife shots you can when in Kenya national parks. If required, the canvas sides can also be replaced with glass windows when travelling from park to park.
Driver/guides who drive these vehicles have over ten years of experience in guiding wildlife safaris thus can spot lots of wildlife for you and position the car for the best photo shots possible when you spot wildlife.
We also assist in booking off-road driving permits for our clients for Masai Mara if required so that you can go off-road and take close up photos of wildlife. Note these are limited and difficult to get so advance request is a must. Fee is US$ 500 for a week and we do not guarantee approval though we will do our best.
The cost for the vehicle and driver, including fuel and park entry fees for the vehicle and driver only (passenger park fees not included), is US$ 250 per day. You do not have to take care of any vehicle expenses; you only have to take care of your park fees, accommodation, and food (which we can book for you). We can also assist you in arranging arranging the whole wildlife photography safari package if you hire the 4×4 land cruiser and safari guide/driver from us.

5 Passenger 4×4 Land Cruiser

– Hire rate per day US$ 150
-This vehicle is ideal for two to four people travelling together
– It has a pop-up roof for game viewing and photography
– Smooth suspension to ensure you have a comfortable ride
– It has rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options
– Has a radio call to reach out to other safari guides to ensure you get to see lots of animals
– The vehicle has high clearance mud grip tires
– The vehicle has two spare wheels
– Driven by an experienced safari guide and wildlife spotter
– Great fuel consumption ensures you save cash
– WiFi is available in the vehicle

Five passenger 4x4 Safari Land Cruiser

Five seat 4 wheel drive land cruiser

Safari Customized Van

– Hire rate per day US$ 85
– Seats 8 comfortably
– The vehicle is a safari customized with custom shock absorbers and a top hatch for game viewing and photography
– Chauffeur driver by a professional safari driver/guide
– Free airport pick up and drop off
-Available for long term car hire at US$ 2435 per month
– Price exclusive of fuel
– Price exclusive of vehicle and park entrance fees
– Custom built to provide ample leg room & guaranteed window seats.
– Large pop-up hatch roof for game viewing & photography opportunities
– Two spare tires and equipment boxes
– Comprehensive first aid box
– Equipt with VHF radio
– Has a cool box to store drinks and water
– Cigarette lighter socket to charge cameras/phones with vehicle charger if you have one
– Experienced professional driver/guide
– Rigorously inspected after every safari and has full-service maintenance records

An eight seat safari van with a pop-up roof for game viewing and photography

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