Honeymoon safari

Honeymoon safari

Do you and your partner desire for an adventure-filled holiday in Kenya on a rocky backdrop? Or do you prefer a more traditional intimate experience where the two of you feel like the only people in the world? Whatever your desires for that great honeymoon travel in Kenya, Explorer Kenya Tours and Travel will exceed your expectations with our personal insight, experience and unmatched knowledge we will turn your dreams into reality.

For a more exciting and thrilling honeymoon in the vast savannahs, Masai Mara National Reserve is the place to be primarily from July to October. Over a million wildebeests and thousands of zebras follow a migratory path through the reserve, better known as the Great Wildebeest Migration. A combination of two or more areas will work well to give you a varied and exciting safari experience – all are diverse and interesting in their own right.
You may also want to trek up to Mount Kenya, drifting high in a hot air balloon ride or enjoy mountain biking across savannah plains. Horseback riding, camel riding, guided bush walks are other endless options that may be offered too.

The Kenyan coastline offers picturesque beach experiences in Mombasa North and South Coast, Lamu, Watamu, Malindi, and Kilifi; the warm, deep blue of the Indian Ocean and the long white sand beaches create a romantic and peaceful coastal holiday.

Accommodation for the lovebirds will be based on your desires, but we recommend a private honeymoon suite, confidential private tent or a beautiful safari camp. We offer packages that are flexible on dates, durations, and hotels as we are happy to customize

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