Where to go for Heli safaris in Kenya

 Amongst the most luxurious experiences in Kenya is a helicopter ride safari. Ranging from stunning natural formation, beautiful and diverse flora, and large concentrates of wildlife, Kenya has one of the most rewarding helicopter safari in Africa. In this guide we will share some of the top destination where you can go for that aerial experience that builds everlasting memories.  

Lake Magadi, Lake natron Masai Mara and loita flight 

This flight takes you to the greater Mara ecosystem passing through lake Magadi and Lake Natron on your way from Nairobi. Known for its diverse vegetation, dramatic landscape and large concentrates of wildlife, a heli safari above greater Mara has great aerial view you should consider while in Kenya. The two lakes are some of the soda lakes in the country and are home to large concentrates of lesser flamingos. The Mara heli safari ride covers 

  • Olorgesailie prehistoric site. The first encounter as you drift from Nairobi in your 3 hrs aerial trip is this prehistoric site. Here you will enjoy fascinating vistas of the sedimentary basin.  
  • Lake Magadi. Soon after Olorgesailie is the fascinating flamingo tinged lake Magadi. Lake Magadi island in the lake is one of the popular stopovers for helicopter in the southern heli safari.  
  • Ngarenaro swamp. Just after lake Magadi emerges the view of Ngarenaro swamp an evergreen delta marshland abreast the semi-arid shampole mountains.  
  • Shampole mountains. Covered by savannah and sparse acacia woodlands the spectacular volcano has the picture perfect aerial view. Groups of zebras can be spotted grazing in the extensive conservancy that extends to Nguruman escarpment to the west and Lake Natron to the south.  
  • Nguruman escarpment. Here you will sight waterfalls rapidly flowing down the entasopia river that rapidly flows down the escarpment amidst expanses of dense rainforest.   
  • Lake Natron. Lake Natron straddling the Kenyan border with Tanzania has one of the most appealing vistas with its characteristic lunar water surface looking like stunning patterned red painted surface when viewed from the sky.  
  • Mt suswa. As you deviate north westly en route Mara plains comes the gasping caldera of mount suswa, a shield volcano with incredible rocky landscape.    
  • The loita plains. They are sweeping swathes of savannah vegetation with stunning sites of cultivated settlements.  
  • The olololo escarpments. The olololo escarpment forming the western border of the greater mara region are scenic wooden slope.  
  • Mara north conservancy. The conservancies offer great opportunity to have a single glimpse of the vegetations in the greater Mara ecosystem featuring a trip of riverine forest to the west and endless savannah plains on the east.  
  • Masai mara game reserve & Mara triangle. Features the alluring scenes of Mara plains filled with migrating animals, stunning windings of the mara river. The stunning over 70 % savannah landscape is mainly plains with stunning hilly and rugged topography towards the southern region.  
  1. Amboseli tsavo  flight  

This flight path is a great deal for bird lover as it falls within major migration routes for the exotic wintering birds that migrate through Kenya November to April. The flight leads to some of the alluring formations and wildlife areas I the Amboseli- Tsavo ecosystem which is well known for its diverse vegetation and for having Kenyas biggest population of Jumbos. Some of the aerial encounters include:  

  • Galana river. These are the first major features you will come across as you whizzle into Tsavo East national park. The winding river offer a picturesque riverine basin lined with incredible woodlands and sections of doum palms.  
  • Mzima springs. Mzima springs are a number of crystal clear fresh water springs tucked in the densely wooden Tsavo west just at the base of the chyulu hills. One of the most mesmerizing aerial view is the sights of hippos submerged in the transparent waters.  
  • Shetani lava flow. This is an alluring balsatic lava flow in a small outcrop near the springs.  
  •  Chyulu hills. Being one of the recent volcanoes, this geographical feature has a magical aerial view for its fascinating cones and black lava soil. Chyulu hills are a major stopover of the migratory birds. The mountain enjoys vistas of the nearby Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free standing mountain. 
  • Amboseli plains. Amboseli then emerges in its characteristic reddish bare wilderness which dramatically changes to some alluring marshlands as you drift southwards towards the base of Kilimanjaro in the south end of the park. Here you are likely to spot gigantic jumbos moving in large herds in foray fresh pastures.  Amboseli plains offer the best view of the cone shaped kilamanjaro.  
  1. Samburu and Laikipia helicopter flight 

This flight takes you to the northern Kenya region and mt Kenya. The scenic flight leads to a diverse flora landscape ranging from dense rainforest to expanses of semi- arid wilderness. The trip also features different formations from mountains, waterfalls, rocky outcrops and rivers. Some of the outstanding features include:  

  • Aberdare ranges. The first feature you will come across as you whizz out from Nairobi is a series of mountain ranges mostly covered by dense forest. The mountains are some of the water catchment areas with fascinating views of rivers flowing amidst dense green woodlands. You will also see waterfalls and some volcanic rocks.  
  • Laikipia plains. As you drift away from the aberdares the Laikipia plains emerge with vistas of the picturesque Mount Kenya. These plains boast one of the most successful rhino conservation efforts which is evident from the assured view of the black rhinos grazing in the open savannah. Most travelers prefer to take a stopover in one of the conservancies.   
  • Ngare Ndare forest. Drifting to the northwestern part of the mountains emerges a picturesque natural forest covering a small foothill. You will have a panoramic view of the misty Ngare Ndare waterfalls tucked in the middle of the forest and which cascades to a large azure pool.  
  • Mt Ololokwe. Whizzing towards Samburu in the spectacular with a picture perfect magnificent monolith emerges in out of nowhere in the almost bare semi arid plains.  
  • Ewaso Ngiro river. As you enter the Samburu reserve the flight follow the course of the wildlife rich river Ewaso Ngiro straddling the centre of the park.  
  1. Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha flight  

This is on of the most scenic rift valley featuring some alluring volcanic mountains, bird tinged fresh and salty water lakes, escarpments as well as wildlife-rich savannah plains. Some of the most outstanding features are:  

  • Mt Suswa. As you soar above the sky, the helicopter points to the westly leading to the gasping suswa volcano which emerges amidst wildlife-rich savannah plains at the floor of the great rift valley.  
  • Mt longonot. Then emerges the Longonot mountain with its picturesque and perfectly shaped caldera. 
  • Lake Naivasha. Set amidst some endless acacia woodlands is the large fresh water lake. The lake boasts a spectacular view of the waterfowls and some flamingo in lake oloiden a small salty water lagoon in the south western side.  From here you will also enjoy vistas of the incredible mau escarpments.  
  • Lake elementaita. As you drift north wards comes the flamingo tinged lake elementaita and the wildlife rich soysambu conservancy.  
  • Lake Nakuru. The aerial view of the lake park is quite impressing with sights of water birds, dead woods submerged in water, rolling hills and waterfalls set amidst the relatively wooden wilderness.  
  • Menengai crater. As you divert comes in Menengai crater a 19 km wide caldera wth incredibly beautiful flora on its floor and the walls.  


Lake Turkana desert helicopter flight 

The  flight covers the northern rift valley region starting which features incredible arid topography, scenic river, waterfalls, mountains and finally the jade lake in the far north border of Kenya with Ethiopia. Some of these features include:  

  • Matthew ranges. As you drift northwards from Nairobi ranges of mountains emerges from the picturesque scorched plains in northern Kenya. The surrounding swathes of savannah feature incredible scenes of wildlife mostly zebras.  
  • Mt Ng’iro and nyiro forest. As you whizz further north is mt Ng’iro. Hidden in the midst of bare arid area the densely forested mountain features picture perfect rocks and vistas of the suguta valley beyond.  
  • Suguta valley. also referred to as suguta mad flat, the valley is one of the worlds hottest places. Boasting incredible volcanic cones and uneven lava field all set at the midst of a desert, suguta offers one of the most picturesque aerial sites in Kenya.  
  • Lake Turkana. Drifting further north emerges lake Turkana, commonly referred to as jade sea for its picturesque turquoise view when seen from the sky. The lake is well known for being the largest desert lake in the world. Lake Turkana also has the highest alkalinity in Africa. During your flight you will hover above the panoramic volcanic islands featuring incredible basaltic surface. Most travelers in a heli safari make a stopover in the sandy shores of the lake which are a dwelling for Ol Molo people who has one of the most unique indigenous culture