Weekend Trips

What comes to your mind when you think of unwinding and relaxing? Whatever the choice your getaway destination entails. One thing’s for sure is Explorer Kenya Tours & Travel offers perfect getaway activities at an affordable price be it outdoor activities, romantic getaways, camping trips, game drives, rock climbing, skydiving, and white water rafting. As a company we acknowledge that day-to-day schedules can be extremely tedious and monotonous coupled with the stressful, endless demands.

You don’t necessarily have to travel far to get to enjoy a weekend getaway. Below are some of the best places in and outside Nairobi offering perfect weekend trips;

The Blue Post Hotel- The hotel offers scenic views of the Thika and Chania waterfalls; strategically located means one can drive for just half an hour from the city center to enjoy your weekend. It is also located close to the Fourteen Falls where you get to see the huge falls roaring surrounded by submerging giant rocks

Paradise Lost- This is a perfect getaway in natural beauty, situated in an oasis in the middle of a coffee farm, in Kiambu. The paradise is a maze of caves estimated to be 2.5 million years vintage that eroded by the nearby Gichi River and features impressive waterfall. This beautiful place is a perfect place to camp, picnicking and cooking for yourselves in case of an event. Lots of beautiful ostriches and birds can be spotted within the premises. Activities you can indulge yourself include; exploring the Stone Age caves, horse riding, camel riding, boat riding, bird watching, viewing the stunning waterfall and also visiting the nearby coffee farm plantations.

Tafaria Castle- Located few hours away from Nairobi. Tafaria Castle has variety of outdoor activities to keep you busy all weekend, they include horseback riding, swimming, archery, lawn tennis, and basketball. One can also indulge in badminton, medieval bowling, and cycling.

Olerai House and Sanctuary- Located 2 hours from Nairobi, Olerai House sits on a 3-acre land on the Northern shores of Lake Naivasha. The sanctuary is a private Garden where you can enjoy bird watching, swimming, a hot lake swim at the Olkaria Spa, guided walks and hill-hikes in the neighboring Eburru forest.