Golf at Leisure lodge beach and golf resort

Golf at Leisure lodge beach and golf resort

The luxury golf course is positioned at the heart of Diani Beach in Mombasa south coast. With a fascinating spotless silvery coastline, a breathtaking view of the turquoise sea and a long things-to-do list, Diani is Kenya’s most sought-after beach destination. Besides being the only golf resort along this stretch, Leisure lodge and golf resort draws its fame from having the longest beachfront this side of the south coast. Having been strategically set in a costal forest that sublimely stare on the dazzling blue sky, golfing at leisure lodge brings a rare opportunity to get intimate with nature for a stimulating and unforgettable experience.


The golf course

The par 72, 6804 metres golf course has 85 bunkers and luscious green fairways running through enchanting palm, cashew nut and casuarina woodlands. Teeing at leisure golf course leads to a unique and nourishing experience unseen in any other golf course in Kenya. Characterized by strong north eastly wind the ball here flies depending on the direction of the wind. The 7th hole will be the easiest shot when the winds blows. The 2nd, 3rd, 13th   holes with trees on the waysides, you will have to make a very accurate shot to triumph. There are water features in the 15th, 17th and 18th holes. You will have to take special precaution on the direction of the wind at the pool in the 15th hole. In this signature hole many golf ball get swallowed by the pool. The 12th hole another unique task, the green is raised in an elevation surrounded by bunkers. Here you will have to take note of the wind as any shot short of hitting the green rolls back to the bunker and with the green raised a bunker shot will be quite tricky. On top of the golf course Leisure lodge golf club has an excellent practice range with a resident trainer offering lessons to newbies at affordable rates.

Notably to at the golf course you are required to have a WHS handicap or a playing certificate from a recognized golf club.



Golf rates

To play 18 holes you will pay ksh 3850 a day and 9 holes ksh 2500. You are also required to hire a caddy most of whom are trained members of the surrounding community.  For 18 holes you will be charged ksh 800 for a caddy in 18 holes and ksh 500 for 9 holes. To use the driving range on your own you will pay ksh 1000. Notably Leisure golf course has packages for golfers staying in the coast for months and would like to have unlimited time in the course. If you are spending more time at the Kenyan coast you can adopt a temporary membership starting from ksh 16500 for a week to Ksh 60000 for 6 months. With the package you will have an unlimited access to the golf course, practice range, book tee time along other members, join club nites and tournaments as long as you have the handicap from a recognized club or golf association.


The golf course has a fully stocked proshop where you can rent equipment at a very competitive rate. For 50 balls you will pay ksh 200. A golf cart goes for ksh 2500 when playing 9 holes or ksh 3500 for 18 holes. You pay the green fees at the proshop.

Why you should choose leisure lodge Beach and golf resort for your golf safari

1.      Quality golf course

Leisure lodge golf course is maintained to championship status. There is an automated irrigation system to keep the green throughout. Additionally, a team of manual laborer is assigned to weed and check the drainage system every two weeks. The landscaping is likewise superbly excellent.

2.      Accommodation on site

Leisure lodge beach and golf resort has numerous room options giving view fascinating sea, golf and garden views. All rooms are air conditioned and the staff offers some of the best services you can have in this side of the coast.

3.      Unlimited access, easy to book tee time.

You will not require referral or sign in through an existing member to gain a slot in  the leisure lodge golf course. Wherease most of kenya premium golf club restrict the number of times a guest/ visitors  can seek to play in their course, at leisure lodge golf you can go for a temporary where you enjoy the rights of a full member.

4.      Good for beginners

Besides having one of the best country in the driving range the golf club has a resident trainer who assist complete starters.

5.      Beautiful natural scenes

Getting to the 15th hole you will discover an undisturbed natural life made of beautiful coastal forest, prolific bird life and frolicking primates. Some of the most common primate varieties include: colobus monkeys, Baboon, sykes monkeys and vervet monkeys. For the birds there: Cattle egrets, wooly-necked stork, African Jacana, cormorant, white faced whistling duck and silvery cheeked hornbill.


Beyond the golf course

With the golf resort situated in Diani beach, the most famous beach destination in Kenya, and with the lodge designed with the consideration of its guest interests there is a long list of things you can enjoy when you choose this facility. These include:

  • Walk through the golf course and the nearby forest. You can relax off the long days activities by getting more intimately close to the natural scenes surrounding the golf club. Strolling here will lead you to a serene space where nature speaks for its self with the chants of the birds and the frolics of the primates being the only sounds you can make out amidst a resounding emptiness of humanity. Here you will have the best moment to unwind and meditate.
  • Relax at the restaurant or either of the two bars in the lodge. After along day in the golf course you can retreat to one of the golf resorts bars or the restaurant.

Here you will have an opportunity to sample different local foods as you gaze at the moon as it brighten up the blue sky.

  • Visit Kaya Kinondo sacred forest. The small coastal forest is one of the 10 remaining patches of coastal forest along the Kenyan coastline. Here you will find trees of different sizes and ages some upto 1000 years. The forest also carries a pieceof the Mijikenda culture