Golf pitch and Putt- crystal bay Watamu resort

Golf pitch and Putt- crystal bay Watamu resort

The golf course is set along a pristine white sand tip in Watamu 90 minutes from Mombasa the coastal capital. The golf course is one of the few modern designs that gives golf in Kenya a new taste. Although designed as a 9 hole golf course, Watamu pitch and putt gives an 18 holes feel with its uniquely designed layout.


The golf course

The par 27, 616 metres with short holes of 45 metres alternating with medium length ones not exceeding 90 mt is the most beginners friendly golf course in Kenya. The greens here are of medium size each leading to a unique set of challenges. Most of the holes have palm trees and other coastal flora on the waysides.  The golf course draws its uniqueness in its medium sized green each one different from the other. Here you will be able to easily learn different aspects of the game like approaches, how to exit bunkers and put. The driving range here is very spacious covering 220 m giving newbies an opportunity to study various aspects of the game.  In addition, the golf course boost a cozy club house with a well-equipped proshop and a pleasant terrace bar.


Booking and charges

Watamu pitch and Putt is one of the most affordable golf courses in the Kenyan coast. Here, to play 18 holes you pay Ksh 2500 and 9 holes Ksh 1500 inclusive of 20 balls. Junior golfers ( 18 years and below) pay Ksh 1750 to play 18 holes and Ksh 1000 for 9 holes. To use the practice range, you will pay Ksh 500 inclusive of 20 balls. For a 30 minutes private training at the practice range you pay Ksh 1500. For family golfing lessons you will pay Ksh 14400 for a group of 3 and have assisted training for up to 6 hours.


Why choose Watamu pitch and Putt for your golf safari

1.      Quality onsite accommodation

Here, there are two accommodations, Crystal Bay Watamu resort and 7 Islands, set along one of the most beautiful bays in Watamu. The two hotels are highly rated as one of the best options in the north coast.

2.      Beautiful natural scenes

Watamu pitch and Putt fascinates between the nine holes and beyond. A trail through the course leads to a series of coastal flora mostly palms that best match the superbly manicured golf course. There is a wide beautiful white sand coastline franked by a spectacular view of magnificent islets and the turquoise Indian seas. With the bay set at the heart of national marine park and Watamu reserve the site is one of the best places to go for a snorkeling or sea excursion on a glass bottomed boat giving you an opportunity to discover spectacular under water life

3.      Great choice for beginners

Watamu pitch and Putt golf course is the best choice for newbies as well as those beginning to practice in the course. Here, there are resident golf instructor ready to lead you through golfing classes in English or Italian. At the practice you will have an opportunity to learn different aspects of playing golf. The golf course is also designed uniquely to meet starters expectations.


4.      Best for a combined north coast holiday and golf safari

Both the 7 islands resort and Watamu are set in a breathtakingly beautiful location with spotless white sand coastline, a grove of serenity and the ultimate serenity that defines and creates an everlasting natural touch. The two hotels offer packages for coastal tours and snorkeling lessons which are at the epitome of Kenya holidays.


Beyond the golf course

There is a bucket list of things kept for you in this site from within the golf club and beyond. These include:

  • Take a walk along the beach. Marked with a beautiful whitesand and beautiful palms frame in the beachfront Watamu bay stretch is one of the best place to embark on a series of long walks. Beach walk here is ideal both on high tides and low tides. During low tides, you will you will enjoy the spacious sandbanks and enjoy the feel walking barefoot on the soggy spotless gravel stretch. On high tides view of the sea is the deal with the throbbing of waters hitting on the numerous create an alluring sound of nature.
  • Swimming or relax in an outdoor bed by the pool side. Crystal Bay Watamu has two clear water and well maintained pools where you can enjoy a cold bath against the strong overhead sun that radiate the stretch all round the year. Alternatively, you can relax off from a hectic day in the golf course in one of the Miami beds beautifully set by the poolside.
  • Go for snorkeling classes. Set along Watamu marine reserve one of the protected underwater ecosystem along the Kenyan coast, a snorkeling excursion here leads to beautiful underwater sceneries. There is a resident Scuba diving instructor at crystal Bay Watamu who will assist you get to the underwater life at an affordable price.
  • Go all out on a safari. Tsavo East and west National parks are some of Kenyans most popular destination and the most sought-after sites along the Kenyan coast. Known for hosting over 19000 ‘red’ elephants who draw the colour from repeatedly rolling on the characteristic reddish anthills in the park. In the park there are other fauna species like rhinos, crocodiles, hippos, gerenuks, waterbucks and uniquely maneless lions. Tsavo national parks have a long list of extra-activities to enjoy for a day or longer safari program. Here, you will find several interesting sceneries like basaltic lava flows, water springs, kopjes and hills.