Golfing at Mt. Kenya Fairmont Safari Club

Everything you need know about golfing at Mt. Kenya Fairmont Safari Club

The Fairmont Mount Kenya safari club is in one of the most scenic landscape in Kenya. Set on the slopes of the towering Mount Kenya and perfectly positioned along the equator, the hotel has a great taste of adventure. Likewise, the superbly manicured  9 holes golf course in the hotel boost an everlasting overheard sun and positioning at a high altitude leading to one of the fanciful tee offs you can have in Kenya.

Course layout

This course measures about 1500 yards with each of the 9 holes having approximately 200 yards. The green here is well manicured mainly composing of the Kikuyu grass. The sand bunkers are trimmed regularly to keep the course above international standards. The most challenging hole is the 2nd hole with a longer yardage of about 246 yards. This call for an accurate shot with trees barricading any stray shot. The golf course has 7 water features. It is the only golf course in Kenya that is bisected by the equator with some holes located to north hemisphere and others on the south.  The golf course is ideal for both amateur and experienced golfers who would like to take play in a less challenging golf course.


You will pay ksh 1000 green fees to play 9 holes. The golf club has a club house where you can hire golf equipment starting with a golf set for ksh 2000. To hire a caddy, you pay ksh 500.

Why choose Fairmont Mount Kenya golf course

        i.            Accommodation on site.

The Fairmont Mount Kenya safari club is one of the best luxury accommodations in Kenya. The hotel has family rooms for travelers coming with children.

      ii.            Its one of the most scenic golf courses.

From the golf course you are able to sight the majestically standing Mt Kenya the snow capped volcano with beautiful tropical flora on the lower reaches.

    iii.            Its affordable and easy to book

You aren’t required to sign in through a member to play in this course. Charging approximately 10 USD the facility is one of the cheapest golf courses in the country.

     iv.            Its one of the less challenging golf courses for amateur

The golf course being a pitch and putt, Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari club lodge has some of the shortest and easy to play holes. You don’t need a long-term experience to have your way in this golf course.

       v.            Good maintenance

The golf course is well maintained with a permanent water irrigation system to keep the green all round the year.

     vi.            Proximity to some of the most popular attractions in Kenya

The Fairmont Mt Kenya safari club is located close to some of the most popular destinations in Mt west. These includes Ol pejeta and lewa private reserves.


Things to do in Fairmont safari club

  • Go for safari. Fairmont safari club is strategically set near some of the most popular game sanctuaries in Kenya. Besides, the Laikipia conservancies you can go for day game drives in Aberdares National park ( 2.5 hrs) and Meru National park(3 hrs). The two parks has an impressive wildlife population.
  • Relax in the bar. the safari club has a fully stocked bar where you can spend the evening enjoying local and international drinks while overlooking the beautiful flora gardens and the snowcapped mt kenya peaks.
  • Go fishing. The safari club has fishing ponds where you can use a trout to try your fishing skills. Alternatively, you can have an organized trip to Lake Rutundu on the lower parts of the slopes of Mt Kenya. The environment here is quite serene with exciting sights of flora and landscapes.
  • Go lion tracking in Ol Pejeta. Most lions in Ol Pejeta are collared and you can always participate in a guided lion tracking excursion in the afternoon.
  • Go rhino tracking in Lewa conservancy. Lewa accounts for 14 percent of Kenya rhino population. This makes it the best place to get into an encounter with the member of the big five.
  • Nature walk. The safari club offers a 3 hrs guided nature walk in the lower reaches of Mt Kenya giving you an opportunity to come into encounter with wildlife like cape buffalo, Burchell zebra and waterbucks.
  • Horse riding. Mt Kenya Fairmont safari club owns a range of well trained polo horses that you can rent for a guided horse ride through the slopes of Mt Kenya or Mt Kenya wildlife conservancy. This gives you a wider view of different animals that take refuge in this wilderness as well as enjoy the scenic nature of the slopes of mt Kenya and beyond.
  • Bird watching. There are over 50 bird species that resides around the safari club. The lodge has a permanent bird guide to take you through a search for avifauna varieties in the surrounding. You will be given a pair of binoculars for easier viewing.
  • Get a full body massage. The golf resort has a wellness treatment centre with 3 treatment rooms, spa, steam, sauna, indoor swimming pool as well as an outdoor yoga session. Here there is a permanent team of therapist ready to give you relaxation treatments that corresponds with heartwarming aura at the equator.