Limuru golf club

Limuru golf club

The 18 holes golf course is situated in one of the most scenic locations in the former White Highlands of the central Kenya just 30 minute drive from the capital Nairobi. The course is set  at an altitude of 7000 feet giving a fascinating view of the sprawling tea estates common in the region. Having been established in the 1920s to serve the former white settlers who dominated the region, the golf course also serves as an illustrious show of the impact of colonialism in Africa.


Course layout

Even though all the 18 holes were designed over 70 years ago, Limuru golf course has over the years undergone several alterations to fit the modern standards while still maintaining the touch of a colonial golf course. Notably the course boundaries are the same today as they were in the colonial era.  The course layout is an excellent design that blends all the challenges you are to meet in a championship golf field. The golf course has several water features that will interest you. Some holes are treelined, while others are set on slopes or hills.  Here, the first hole is a tough one to test your starting power. Hole 3 is the signature hole. Here, the fairway is treelined and there is a water harzard on the right close to the green ready to swallow a stray ball. Hole 17 is the toughest you can have in this course and is there to test your finishing power.


Why you should choose Limuru golf course for your golf safari

  • Allow visitors to play. Limuru golf club allows visitors to play without necessarily being a member of the club or having to be signed in by an existing member. You however need to book your slot earlier.
  • It is in one of the best places to cool off and relax. With an altitude of 700 feet a.s.l Limuru golf course experiences relatively low temperature ideal to cool off from the long game drives in the sun soaked Kenyan wilderness. Here, you will enjoy relaxing as you take a glance along the enchanting tea estates.
  • It is quality golf course giving a unique challenge. That you have had the experience with the golf swing in Kenya, the sun-kissed country bisected by the equator won’t be enough if you haven’t gone for the challenge at Limuru golf course. Here, each hole presents a unique problem to deal with and hitting the 18th hole is the making of a worthy champion. Notably, Limuru is ranked amongst top 5 golf coursers in Kenya.
  • It is ideal location for business meetings or seminars. Limuru Golf Club prides itself for having excellent conference and boardroom facilities all coming at affordable rates.
  • Beautiful natural scenes. The scenery and view in the high ceiling club house verandah is unrivalled in any other golf club in Kenya. Here, you will capture the beautiful view of the manicured and superbly landscaped back 9 holes as well as the luxuriously verdant tea plantations on the backdrop.


The Limuru is one of the most affordable golf clubs close to the capital of Nairobi. The price range is Ksh 2900 on weekends and Ksh 2600 on weekdays.

Beyond the golf course

  • Go swimming at the pool. The golf club have a modern swimming pool where you can spend some refreshing moments after a hectic day in the golf course.
  • Taste the food offered at the club house. Marked with a wooden floor and bar, the tavern-style tables and benches in the lounge and the lowering fire light nightly to create as warm and hospitable atmosphere in the relatively cool highlands; the Club House is in ways a feel of an old British pub.
  • Engage in sporting activities. Limuru Golf Club boost some of the best sporting facilities you can have in a golf club besides a golf course. There are two murramed tennis courts where you family or friends can stay occupied. If you have friends who play cricket or bowling you can always tag them along to the golf club. Notably, the cricket pitch in Limuru Golf Club is one of the best in East Africa.
  • Go jogging. At an altitude of 7000 feet a.s.l and with the area being relatively cool, jogging along the clubs 2.5 kms jogging tracks is a little cosy and good for fitness. Here, you will capture the alluring vista views of the tea plantations that creates an everlasting refreshing air in the region.
  • Horse riding at Kamwaki farm. The tea and vegetable plantation is a mere 21 kms from the golf course. Here, you will find resident guide who will lead you through a riding session round the tea plantations. The horses are well trained and you will not require prior riding experience.
  • Visit Kiambethu tea factor. The golf course is situated just 10 minutes drive from the tea estate a pioneer plantation in the former highlands that was established  in 1910 by a British settler known as AB MacDonell. A visit to the farm will give you a tranquil insight of the colonial settlement in Kenya as you enjoy a sweeping view of the sprawling tea estates and the luxuriant tropical flora. A sneak into the farm will lead to you learning how to pick tea, how it is processed and finally have a taste of freshly made black tea. Afterwards you can enjoy the pleasure of walking in the farms expansive woodland with the help of a tour guide from the farm. Here, you will sight families of colobus monkey as well as different varieties of bird species.
  • Go all out for a day safari. From the course you can go for day trip to different safari destinations in Central Kenya and Nakuru Area in the rift valley. These attractions include: Aberdares National Park, Mt Kenya national Park, Ol Pejeta, Lake Nakuru National park, Hell’s Gate National Park and the Crescent Island Game S

Accommodation at Limuru Golf Club

The golf club does not have accommodation facilities onsite. However, with the golf course set on the outskirts of Nairobi, there is a wide range of options to choose and get a facility that best fit the budget and the comfort you desire. There are also a few midrange and budget facilities you can pick in Limuru.