Muthaiga golf club

Muthaiga golf club

Set in the leafy Muthaiga suburbs of Nairobi,Muthaiga Golf Club established in the 1920s is the ultimate embodiment of the intertwin between a traditional colonial golf course and a modern 18 holes championship. In the colonial era the golf club operated as a single entity with Muthaiga Country Club which hosted colonial dignitaries on official visit from Britain or simply on adventure giving it a rich elitist background that lives on to date. The current golf structure dates to 2002 when it underwent great overhauls with the assistance of South African designer Peter Matkovich turning it to Kenya’s finest golf club with the fastest growing green.  The golf club referred by its elite members as the ‘home of golf in Africa’ is by standards the most outstanding golf course in Kenya. Winding through the lush Karura Forest, the golf course is an oasis of serenity and braces a natural touch that heals the soul from the spoils of human activity in the ever-busy Kenya capital, Nairobi. In 1963 the golf course hosted the first major tournament in Kenya with its success birthing the Kenya Open golf tournament which has since been an annual tournament held in the course every year. The tournament is today one of the most followed golf championships in Africa and has played a huge role in promoting Kenya as a major safari destination.


The golf course

The Par 72, 6176 yards 18 holes golf course is possibly the most looked-after golf field with a full labour force of over 120 men and women set aside to manage the golf course. The design in this course is unique and challenging. Here you will have to know when best to keep the ball on the right or left side. As you set it out in the first hole you will be met by a water hazard on the sloping side a position you have to be cautious about if at all you must touch the green. Other greens are set on an elevation and you will have to take an uphill putt. Going round this course with your golf swing will actually be a great adventure and a fascinating exposure in a secret wonderland. Water features here leads to spectacular water birds scenes that creates the unbeaten memories about Africa.



Though slightly expensive than other golf courses in  the capital, Muthaiga golf course is worth it. Here, to play 18 holes on week days you are supposed to pay Ksh 5000 as a visitor and Ksh 3000 when signed in by a member. To play on weekends/ public holiday you will pay Ksh 7000 as visitor or Ksh 4000 when signed in by a member. For the Friday club nite you will pay Ksh 3000 when you book through a member and Ksh 7000 as a visitor. Junior golfers pay Ksh 120. Notably, you must have a handicap certificate to be allowed to play in the course. When signed in as a guest, you must be accompanied by the person referring you.


Why choose Muthaiga golf club for your golf safari in Kenya

a.      It is a top-notch golf course.

Having hosted Kenya open golf challenge on multiple occasions, there would be no better choice for testing your golfing skills than Muthaiga Golf Club. The golf course is uniquely set to meet various challenges you can get in a golf field. Here, you will have to deal with sloping holes, hilly holes and water hazards in form of rivers and pools.

b.      Proximity from Nairobi

The golf course is just 15 minutes drive from Nairobi CBD. You can easily combine playing in the golf course with a business trip in the capital.

c.       Beautiful natural scenes

Set alongside Karura forest which is the world’s largest gazetted natural forest, Muthaiga golf club boost an impressive bird scene. Most iconic is the water birds ducking in water dams in the 15th hole. Additionally, the golf course landscaping and perfectly trimmed greens creates a fascinating natural scene.

d.      Visitors allowed to play at the golf course

Besides Wednesdays and Thursdays when the golf course is used for tournaments Muthaiga golf club is open to visitor whether you are booked by an existing member or you are a complete visitor.  We, however, recommend that you book your tee time earlier to guarantee a slot.


Beyond the golf course

Besides the golf course there is a list long activities you can engage in within Muthaiga or in the neighborhood. These include:

  • Get a massage at the spa. You can ease up on the stress of the day long at the golf course at the Muthaiga spa where you will get different wellness treatments ranging from facial, and massages like deep tissue, Swedish massage and reflexology.
  • Go to the gym. Muthaiga has one of the best golf facilities in Nairobi equipped with both weight and cardio exercise facilities to help you keep fit.
  • Enjoy a drink at the bar. You should not leave the golf course without experiencing a taste of top-of-the-line whiskeys, wine assortments, gin and local and international beer served in the club house. The ambience here is quite serene and is an ideal spot to relax and unwind after a busy day spent playing in the field.
  • Go for horse riding lessons. The new Muthaiga horse riding stable which has a mere 15 minutes distance from the golf course is one of the most popular horse farms in Kenya. Here you can engage in riding classes for newbies or go forest riding in Sigiria forest if you have some prior experience.


Even though the golf course does not have accommodation onsite you can easily commute to the golf course from the capital. In Nairobi, you can get options of different budgets starting from as low as 45 USD. We, however, recommend Rosa Kempinski, Tamarind tree hotel and fair view hotel all situated within a distance of 15 kms from the golf course.