Nyali golf and Country club

Nyali golf and Country club

The golf course slightly off the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa is the one of the only two 18 holes course in the north coast the other one being Vipingo golf course. Set in one of the best white sand stretch in Kenya, a tee shot here is one of the best blends between an 18 holes championship experience and quality beach holiday. Set on a beautiful seaside with a beautifully forested beachfront the golf course is an oasis  of tranquility and a special piece of nature.


The golf course at Nyali

The golf course is one of the best maintained facilities along the Kenyan coast with a superbly manicured green, proper drainage system and a reliable irrigation system that keeps the green throughout the year. The par 71, 6276 yards golf course has most of the holes treelined and you have to make quite a perfect shot to hit the green. The challenge here is the strong sea breezes that makes some of the holes tough with the wind blowing opposite. In the front of nine, hole 5 has the longest tee at 521 yards.  Hole 17 is the strongest in the backend and the longest in the golf course at 528 yards. Together with the mostly wind stricken hole 18, hole 17 test your finishing power.

In addition, Nyali golf club has one of the best practice range in the Kenyan coast. The proshop is fully stocked and offer golfing equipments at very affordable rates.


Booking and charges

Though the golf club is mostly a membership club, visitors are allowed to book tee without necessarily being signed in by a member. The price range is Ksh 2400 weekdays and Ksh 2600 for weekend.


Why choose Nyali golf course for your golf safari

        i.            It is one best choice near Mombasa city.

Set within 9 km distance from the Island of Mombasa, Nyali is one of the only two golf course that are within the reach of the coastal city. There are many reasons as to why you may choose to stay within the trapping of the city amongst them being you wanting to stay in quite a populated beach stretch and interact with people or you are just interested in a city tour.

      ii.            One of the best golf courses in the Kenyan coast

Besides the good maintanence Nyali golf is a championship course and one of the most widely used for local tournaments held in the Kenyan coast.Here a success triumph through the 18 holes is a good test of your skills.

    iii.            It is affordable

The green fee here is very affordable. Besides, its proximity to the coastal capital of Mombasa comes with an endless list of accommodation options some going for as low  as 100 USD.

     iv.            Accommodation onsite

Nyali golf view set abreast the golf course is one of the best luxury options in  the Kenyan coast. Here, most of the rooms are aligned to a great view of the sea or a flora garden.

       v.            Beautiful natural scenes

Nyali golf course is a true seaside paradise. Here, asides the beautiful tropical tree frames and the breathtaking landscaping, there is plenty of fauna in this spoit most common the velvet monkeys.


Beyond the golf course

Having been set along the popular Nyali beach and close to Mombasa, the tourism capital of Kenya, there is an endless list of things to do when you are not playing in the golf course. These include:

  • Play tennis with family. The golf course has a tennis court where you can play with accompanying members of the family.
  • Visit Mamba village. Neighbouring the golf course is east Africa largest crocodile farm. The first thing once you arrive here you are taken through a video presentation of fascinating facts about the reptile and their importance to the ecosystem. You will then have a guided tour through the farm where you will see enclosed crocodiles in different stages of their growth cycle.
  • Spend moments with family at the Wild Water Mombasa. Situated less than 10 minutes from the golf course the facility is the only family entertainment park boosting activities for visitors of all age. Here, there are adults and children water slides, a unique raindance disco arena, bumper cars and a number of theme rides.
  • Tour the old town. Mombasa old town carries some of the most important historical facts about the coastal part of Kenya which has the most documented history in the Kenya. Going for a guided walk through this town will lead to beautiful stunning sights. A visit to Fort Jesus will be at the epitome of the tour. The fortress was built in 1593 by an Italian architecture contracted by the Portuguese who ruled the Kenyan coast for close to a 100 years.
  • Go for a nature walk at Nguuni trail. Nguuni nature is a sanctuary just 20 minutes drive from the golf club. With a hard pounding reserve of coastal flora, hundreds of avifauna species and considerable numbers of small animals, Nguuni is one place where nature speaks for itself. Some of the bird species you will sight include: Yellow-billed stork, white-face whistling duck and Egyptian geese. Animals include: Giraffe, Beisa oryx, water bucks and Elands.
  • Go all out for game safari. Set at just 8 kms from Mombasa city which is the most popular safari starting point in the coast, you can easily organize a short or long tour to various Kenya bush destinations at very affordable rates.