Sigona golf club

Sigona golf club

The 18 holes golf course was established in 1938 and have been improving over the years leading to a country styled championship club. The golf club also boost a well equipped clubhouse that’s a relic of the old  colonial structures that have lived on to evoke the good and bad memories of colonization in Africa. The beautiful 18th hole at the front of the club house gives you an insight of what is in the store with spectacularly manicured green beckoning whenever you arrive at the course the first time. Located in Kikuyu along Nairobi- Naivasha highway, the golf course is a good location to stay if you would like to blend your stay in the capital for a business trip with a short day trip in the rift valley attractions and experiencing the magic of spending indelible moments in a championship course. At an altitude of 6600 feet a.s.l the golf course offers a magically cool elevation that gives the ideal atmosphere you require at the golf swing. The golf club is set in an excellent viewpoint where you get a sweeping view of the beautiful landscaping in the great rift valley which is the longest depression in the world.


Course layout

At Sigoni golf club men play par 72 with a yardage of 6892 yards whereas ladies play to a par 74 covering 5853 yards. The kikuyu grass which makes up the greens is one of the best grass varieties for a golf course as it is easier to manage and thrive in tropical environment. Sigona golf course does not have irregular patches and there is a team attached to ensure the fairways are properly maintained. Weeding is done regularly.

Here, hole 7 measuring 458 yards for men and 485 yards for women is the toughest. Most of the holes here are tree lined and sometime, you are required to make a very narrow shot.  The course also has changing landscaping with some on a hole and elevated. There are water features in the 11th hole. The course has a practice range for beginners.



To play 9 holes as a visitor you are required to pay Ksh 2500 on weekdays and Ksh 3000 on weekends. When signed in by a member you will pay Ksh 1800 for weekdays and Ksh 2600 on weekends. To play 18 holes as a visitor you will pay Ksh 3500 on weekdays and Ksh 4500 on weekends. To play 18 holes when signed in by a member (guest), you will pay Ksh 2000 on weekdays and Ksh 3000 on weekends.


Why you should choose Sigona golf course for your golf safari

1.      Quality accommodation on site.

Sigona golf suites is one of the best accommodation options on the outskirts of the capital and an ideal location to stay if you want to avoid the traffic jam in the capital when driving to the north or south.

2.      Ideal for business meetings

Sigona golf suites’ proximity to the capital also makes it a good choice for a business meeting. There are boardroom and conference facilities you can use for your event or meetings.

3.      Beautiful natural scenes

With beautifully landscaped greens the golf course is one of the picture-perfect places you can pose for photoshoot. The golf course woodlands also serve as a refuge of varieties of fauna like beisa oryx and swamp antelopes. A short stroll in this course will also lead to sights of different bird species that shelters in the trees at the course.

4.      It is easy to book a slot at the golf course; the charges are also favourable.

Sigona golf clubs is one of the courses you don’t require referral or sign in from an existing member. The charges also conform with what is being charged by other golf courses within the capital.

5.      Properly maintained course

The golf course has a permanent team to ensure that the golf course is maintained to championship standards. Having been fitted with an irrigation system, Sigona golf course is an all weather course.

6.      It is an ideal location for learning golfers

If you have been having golfing lessons back in your country and you would like to continue the practice while on a business trip in Nairobi or before start of a safari in one of the numerous attractions in Kenya, Sigona golf club is an ideal choice for you.


Beyond the golf course

  • Bar and restaurant. The bar is a great spot to choose and relax from the long day spent in the field and enjoy a drink as you view the scenic 18th holes at the front.
  • Stroll in the golf course. The golf course has flourishing flora and fauna. You will have an opportunity to encounter different tree species, birds and fauna.
  • Go horse riding at Kamwaki farm. The horse farm located in the tea zone area of Limuru will be a great afternoon pick for an excursion after spending morning in the golf course. In the farm mainly a fresh produce farm you will be welcomed by a steaming cup of coffee or cold refreshing glass of juice. Afterwards, you will be taken to the horse center where you will find a range of mainly polo horses. Here, most of the horses are schooled and can easily be rode by both amateur and professional riders.
  • Go for a safari. The golf course is in the outskirts of Nairobi which is the starting point of most safari itineraries. From the golf suite, you can easily drive to attractions in Nakuru or Southern Riftvalley without necessarily going through the traffic jam in the capital.