Vipingo Golf Course

Vipingo Golf Course

The 18 holes golf course is less than an hour drive along Mombasa – Malindi highway to the north of Mombasa town. Established in 2009 Vipingo is the only golf course in the Kenyan north coast that offer a magical mix of quality golf course, laid back white sand sea front and enchanting tropical forest which is a refuge to different fauna and avifauna species. The golf course is part of a gated community and is part of an envisioned golf city.


The golf course

Referred to as Baobab golf course, the 18 holes course is the only golf course in the Kenyan coast that is designed and maintained to uncompromised international standards. The golf course is also the only Professional golfers association( PGA)- accredited golf facility in East and central Africa. set in one of the most outstanding elevation in the Kenyan coast the 18 holes golf course spread over as 2500 acres of land. Vipingo golf course layout is one of the best you can have in the East Africa region each tee shot having its unique bearing. The golf course runs through slopes, hills and flat terrains in a treacherous but adventurous style. More fascinating are the artificial rivers cascading from hole 9 back towards both the back nine and front nine. There are lakes set at hole 2, 6, 11 and 18.

Vipingo practice range

Vipingo has one of the best practice facilities in Kenya. Notably, the driving range forms part of the Vipingo  PGA golf academy. The practice range has well paced target greens of different length. Here you will replicate just about any shot you find in the course.  There is a trainer to assist you if you are complete beginner. Importantly, the Vipingo course is the only PGA accredited golf course in Africa.


Vipingo club house

Vipingo golf club house host a well stocked proshop. In addition, the signature high ceiling club house creates one of the best place to relax and enjoy the sea breezes overlooking the stunning turquoise water Indian seas at the backdrop of the alluring golf course flanked by the water cascading down from hole 9 and 18. The clubhouse has a fully stocked bar and restraurant.


Vipingo golf course is quite affordable. To play 18 holes you pay Ksh 5250 for adults and pay Ksh 1400 for junior golfers. For 9 holes adults pay Ksh 3750 and juniors Ksh 850. Notably, it is mandatory to hire a caddy in this golf course. The rates for a caddy range from Ksh 850 for 18 holes and Ksh 500 for 9 holes.

Why you should make Vipingo your choice for a golf safari in Kenya


1.      It is easy to book your tee time.

Despite Kenya being home to some of the best golf courses in Africa most of the golf courses restrict non-members from playing in their field. In Vipingo you do not require membership or referral to book tee time.

2.      Great maintenance

Vipingo is the appointed golf course at the Kenyan coast if you are looking for well kept fairways. The golf course is fitted with a functioning irrigation systems and have a maintenance team attached. The Bermuda fine grass planted in the course is more easily maintained and gives a state of the art green.

3.      One of the rare moments to golf along the Kenyan coast

Vipingo is uniquely designed and set in an area often characterized with scorching sunlight and smooth Kaskaz and Kusin winds that blows over the ridge. At the Kenyan coast you, have the opportunity to spend your free time along the Surreal Whiter Sand coastline or engage in different watersports that include: snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing or cruise in a traditional Arab dhow.

4.      Quality accommodation on site

The Vipingo has one of the best facilities in the Kenya coast that offer excellent 5 star accommodation onsite. The Vipingo Ridge Golf Villas give some of the best location in Kenya where you can get a private stay for a vacation for a longer term commitment with some of the villa rented on monthly bases.

5.      It is one of the best places you can choose to settle in Kenya

Vipingo golf course is part of a 2500 acres golf estate programme with most of the residential rooms situated within the golf course. The Vipingo real estate sell properties at an affordable rates on 99 years leaseholds available to both residents and locals.

6.      Fascinating natural scenes

Vipingo is one place where nature speaks for itself. As you hit the shots in the laidback facility you will be trapped into the fascinating view of different fauna species who wander around giving one of the best highlight of what is hidden in Kenya numerous bush destinations.

Beyond the golf course

Perched along the Kenyan coast, a stay in the golf course is one given opportunity to get the whole experience in the Kenyan shorelines. Some of the the things you can engage in asides golfing include:

  1. Go snorkeling. The Kariwitu Vipingo Marine Sanctuary though not a popular snorkeling spot in the Kenyan coast, the area still has a lot to offer. There are record 200 fish species as well as other creatures in the this park with guest at the Vipingo Resort getting snorkeling. Vipingo has a guide who assist them in unravelling the hidden sea life. Watamu Marine Park which is the unbeatable snorkeling spot in the Kenyan coast is 40 minutes drive from the golf course.
  2. Dhow safari. Go for the romantic drift along the enchanting kilifi shorelines on sundown. Here, you will be able to sight different coastal forests as well as different avifauna species.
  3. Horse riding. Riding through the enchanting coastal forest within the golf estate rewards with one of the most unforgettable memories of Kenya with uncensored encounters with some of the most common avifauna species in Kenya. Here, you will be able to unearth a wealth of different flora species found in the undisturbed Vipingo W
  4. Nature walk in the ridge forest. After the long hours in the course you can choose to walk along the ridge with friends and enjoy the serenity, great natural flora and the stunning view of the sun kissed Vipingo landscape.
  5. Go out for the safari. Vipingo is situated 80 kms from Arabuko Sokoke forest which is one of the most popular natural forests in the Kenyan coast. Simba hills which is the best spot for spotting wildlife along the Kenyan coastline is situated just 2.5 hrs from the golf estate. Here, you will be able to sight wildlife like elephants, giraffe, waterbucks, baboon, sykes and warthogs.
  6. Visit historical sites. The course is just 40 minutes drive from Jumba Mtwapa Ruins and 90 minutes to Gedi which are some of the most sought after relics of the rich Kenyan coastal heritage.