Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Tucked at the centre of an expansive, serene indigenous forest on the leafy suburbs of ridgeways in the capital Nairobi, the golf resort is one of the best escape from the noisy capital. With an unmatched elegance Windsor golf club and resort is undoubtedly the most sought-after luxury golf resort in the capital. The rooms here are mainly a cluster of fascinating buildings designed into futuristic Victorian architecture with 130 deluxe rooms, studio suites, cottages and villas. Windsor was in 2014 voted as the best golf resort in Africa during the golf travel awards held in Portugal.


The golf course

Windsor has one of the longest courses you can have in the country covering 7772 yards. However, the 18 holes golf course has multiple tees which give you the opportunity to choose a yardage that best match your skills. Set at 6000 fts above seal level here the ball flies a little further and you can easily make accurate shots. The challenge here is dealing with the beautiful water hazards, well-located 73 sand bunkers and the unforgiving roughs.  The golf coarse boost an impressive layout of springy fairways and spectacular natural greens all running through the enchanting Windsor tropical forest and coffee estate. In addition, Windsor has one of the best driving range and has a resident couch to assist complete beginners.

Booking and rates details

Visitors coming to play at the golf course pay ksh 7500 green fees on weekdays and ksh 10000 on weekends. When accompanied by Windsor club member you will pay ksh 4000 both weekends and weekdays. For a guided training at the practice range you will pay ksh 2800. For one hour long personalized training in the golf course you will pay ksh 5000 for 6 holes and ksh 7500 for 9 holes. Children training goes at ksh 1500. For corporates or individuals seeking to hire the entire golf course you will pay ksh 5000 per participant on weekday and ksh 10000 per participant on weekend. We recommend that you book  at least a week earlier to guarantee a slot in the course. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are however the best days for booking as there are minimal probabilities to have tournaments on these days. Notably, it is mandatory that you hire a caddy in order to use the golf course. Caddy rates range from ksh 1500 to ksh 2500.


The proshop offer a selection of branded golf equipment, gift items and accessories. For guests wishing to carry along a piece of the memories in the course with them you can buy Windsor branded accessories like: golfing bag, drivers, putters, iron and wedges all coming at a competitive price. To rent a club you pay ksh 2000. For the balls you will pay sh 100 for 25 balls and ksh 150 for 50 balls. The golf cart goes at ksh 6000 for the 18 holes and Ksh 3000 for 9 holes. The proshop also have equipments for beginners and junior golfers.


Why Windsor golf course is the best choice for your golf safari

1.      Quality golf course

Windsor course is in an excellent state with a team of manual laborer tasked to remove weeds and ensure the drainage remains in proper conditions. The greens are superbly landscaped and manicured. Furthermore, the golf course has a permanent irrigation system which maintains the greens throughout the year.

2.      Quality accommodation on site

The adjacent Windsor golf resort has a comprehensive list of room options each carrying the prestige of royalty that offer continental cuisine in the manner of a bygone. Most of the rooms are aligned overlooking the breathtakingly landscaped all-green golf course or the enchanting Windsor tropical forest whose cool breezes smooths through ones soul.

3.      Super excellent driving range

Windsor has a practicing range for beginners with the proshop offering equipment at affordable rates. The practice range have a trainer attached to assist complete beginners.

4.      A great choice for corporate tournaments/  conferences

Windsor golf resort have a package for corporate golf tournaments charged at competitive rates. In addition the golf course is also one of the best choice for business conference with the hotel having a large conference facility. You can also rent a boardroom for low key meetings with partners.


5.      It is a great place to stay awaiting/after a safari in the Kenyan bush destinations

Windsor golf resort is a mere 30 minutes drive  from Jomo Kenyatta international airport, the gateway to east Africa from Europe, Americas and Asia ;and 30 minures from Wilson international Airport the busiest domestic airport linking most of the bush destinations in East Africa.

What else besides golfing

Windsor is a rare blend of a golf resort and an adventurous life beyond the golf swing. There are a lot of things you can do within the course and a lot of places you can visit near the golf course. Some of these things include:

  • Revive, relax and rejuvenate in the spa. Going for a special golf ball massage treatment in the highly ranked Windsor spa after a long day spent in the course or elsewhere will help you piece together the body and the soul. The therapists here are fully qualified and experienced and will give you highly personalized services that will leave you to delight in the rituals that you desire.
  • Relax and enjoy the cuisines at a restaurant/ bar. Windsor has a set of restaurants each offering unique experiences and varieties of foods and drinks. After spending long days in the golf course, you can choose to relax with friends, family or solo and enjoy a cocktail or an exotic single malt whiskey that smooth through the soothing background music. Notably, all the restaurants are set at a positioned offering a fascinating view of the golf course or the Windsor forest.
  • Play tennis/ squash with friends or family. Windsor have well maintained squash courts and tennis courts you can choose to spend some quality moments playing with your group in your game of interest. This will serve you great on keeping fit.
  • Go out cycling/ jogging. Windsor is the only hotel in Nairobi that have a jogging/ cycling track. Choosing to cycle/ jog here will leads to a fascinating contact with nature marked by cool breezes and fresh air in the Windsor forest. The track passes through the forest and the golf course covering a distance of approximately 5kms.
  • Track the birds of Windsor. The Windsor forest is a refuge for over 130 birds species after a long day in the golf course bird lovers have the opportunity to penetrate into the forest where they will discover fascinating bird scenes. Notably, Windsor has a resident Ornithologist who keeps an updated windsoir bird list that will help you identify different bird varieties.