Top Recommended Migration Mobile Camps in Serengeti

Mobile camping is the best opportunity to have Africa safari in its truthful simplicity and top level experiences. Serengeti national park in northern Tanzania offer some exciting mobile camp experiences with more comfy and renovated mobile camp aimed at placing you in the direct path of the serengeti herds at any given time in the year.

In this guide we shall cover some of the mobile camps you can pick for your next migration safari may it be your first time in Tanzania or you just want to have new experiences.

1.  Ubuntu Migration camp

The camp move two places between the Ndutu Plains( January to March) and on the banks of Mara river( July to October). Built in the traditional african tented safari style, the camp is  easily disassembled to move with the herds as they seek fresh pastures. Ubuntu migration camp has 10 under canvas unit and one conjoined family tent. Each unit has a mesh side panel to guarantee unbroken view of the herds who are always grazing in the vicinity. There is a large outdoor area where you can relax with an arm chair and get immersed to the migration action at a close range. The camp has the best photo safari vehicle  and therefore it’s an ideal pick for guests seeking for the best migration photo experience es.

2.      AndBeyond Serengeti Under canvas

The Andbeyond owned facility operates two mobile camps that starts from the Ndutu plains following the herds one moving north west to the Grumeti river and the other move to central serengeti area. Both camps has their last location in Kogatende in Northern serengeti offering the best opportunity to track the river crossing event. Each of the two camps has 9 classical style tented unit and 1 family tent. The tented facility is ideal for guests with small kids as the facility children bush programmes to assist them get bush experiences that best fits them.

3.       Nyikani migration camp

The camp move twice between Ndutu plains in Ngorongoro conservation area and northern Serengeti near the Mara river. With top level opulent and unmatched services, hard tracker who choose Nyika migration camp are able to get a comfortable stay with unlimited view of the migratory herds. The camp has just 13 tents each set in secluded sites about 20 meters apart. One of the tents is a conjoined family tent. Every unit has a private veranda where you can relax and enjoy the view of the herds grazing in the camp vicinity.

4.      Nasikia mobile migration camp

This camp is on the move all year round shifting from the south eastern serengeti to the Seonera area in central Serengeti and then Kogatende in the Northern region. The camp stays for a longer time in the far northern region from 01  June to 30 October allowing guest have more to experience safari in the region before and in the aftermath of the river crossing.  The far Northern Serengeti remains desolate when the migration camps moves southwards after the river crossing event as the region doesn’t have permanent camps. Nasikia has 12 tented units including 1 honeymoon suite made from locally wooven lightweight canvas. Each unit has a large patio area where booked herd trackers can relax seated on an armchair and enjoy the sweeping view of herds grazing in the vicinity.

5.      Olakira migration camp

The Asilia owned facility moves between Ndutu region in Ngorongoro and Kogatende in the far north Serengeti region. The camps are set in the direct path of the Serengeti herds giving guests a first hand experience of the two most sought after migration experiences, calving and the Mara  river crossing. The tents are uniquely designed to blend with the Savannah wilderness with opening in 3 sides to allowing guests to enjoy uninterrupted view of the migration herds in the vicinity. The facility has 9 units one being a family tent. The facility also offers  photo safaris with a custom open sided photography safari  vehicle

6.      Nyasi migration camp

The camp moves two positions in southern Serengeti over the calving season and Lamai area in northern region over the river crossing period. The facility has 8 classical style double units and one family suite. The family unit can be set aside in a secluded location on requests. All the rooms are uniquely designed canvas with opening sides guaranteeing unbroken daytime view.  The facility is the most ideal for guests seeking an authentic walking safari over the migration period. The camp has one of the best walking safaris in the southern region where guests can go for a a day walking trail or multi day fly camping expedition escorted by an armed ranger and a walking guide. Children above 3 year are welcome

7.      Serengeti wilderness camp

The camp moves with the serengeti herds between the central Serengeti region, Kogatende in the northern region and the Ndutu plains which places it at the centre of over 70 % of the whole migration phenomena. In the central region where its primarily located the camp change positions into different strategic game areas, mainly along Nyabogati and Ngare Nanyukie rivers, to give a totally new experience. This facility has a maximum of ten movable tents built with simplicity to maintain the concept of wild camping though without interfering with all the comfort you desire. Each of the unit is set in a desolated location in the open Savannah to guarantee maximum exclusivity. In the central region the camp offer walking safari to enable guests get a more detailed experience of the migration action in details.

8.      Serian’s serengeti mobile camp( kusini and Lemai)

The camp move two positions between the Ndutu plain and lemai areas near the Mara river. With just four units and two suites the facility is the ideal options for small parties or family groups who would like to have a completely exclusive migration safari experience. Though it’s a mobile camp the  facility’s design and furnishing are perfected to create the comfort of a luxury lodge. In the south Ndutu plains the camp is perched in scenic woodlands near Ngorongoro and one of the major migration corridor for wildebeest as they arrive from Eastern Serengeti. At lemai the camp is on the shades of a lone warbugia tree a mere 1 kilometre from the Mara river. The facility offer one of the best walking safari in he north taking you through a 1500 acres private concession bordering the Mara conservancy to the north.

9.      Serengeti sojourn mobile camp

This is a mid range facilities with ten deluxe tents and two family units. The camp move twtho position from Togoro area situated to the North East of seronera and Ndutu plains in the south. It is the best facility for guests seeking to experience the migration in the eastern plain after herds exiting the Mara. Though only a few visitors are able to experience the eastern serengeti migration,  a safari in this area is a whole different experience with one of the best big cat scenes. The facility conduct walking safari both in the Togoro and southern region with the nature trails specially organised to offer guest a more profound  experience of the migration.

10. Serengeti Safari camp

The facility move 4 positions between  Ndutu plains( Dec – April), Moru Kopje ( May & November), Grumeti river( June) and Northern serengeti ( July – October)  which enable guest to experience over 90 % of the entire migration cycle. The facility only has 6 open plan tented camps and one twin-roomed family unit making it an ideal option for guests seeking to hire an entire camp for a small group or families. Children above 8 years are allowed into the facility. Here you have an opportunity to experience the migration on foot with distinctly tailored walking safaris in the four regions.