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10 Things To Do in Masai Mara

Masai Mara is one of Africa  most outstanding safari destination with top level game experiences all year round. The park is an extension of the Mara – Serengeti ecosystem famed for the great wildebeest migration which is  one of the largest overland movement in planet earth. Encompassing mostly Savannah plains with dramatic hills southwards and the flora rich Mara river cutting across from east to northwest the landscape here is quite diverse and breathtaking. Furthermore, the inviting Masai people that abodes these areas and offer the perfect opportunity to interact with one of the few African communities that has maintained traditional ways of life. In this guide we shall discuss some of the things you can engage…

Tanzania Safari Budget

Taking you to some of the most desolate corners of Africa, Tanzania is the authentic safari destination where travelers get fully immersed in nature and witness some of the most awing natural phenomena. Tanzania safari adventure can be as simple or detailed as you would wish.  From game drives to fly camping, and with a wide range of accommodation option, your Tanzania safari budget will most likely depend on accommodation, experiences and destinations you visit.

How to work out Tanzania safari budget

With Tanzania safari costing anywhere between 200 USD per person per day to over 1000 usd per person per day, we can just say that ‘any’ budget amount…

Where to stay in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro is one of Tanzania leading safari destination famed for the 21 km long crater depression believed to have formed some 2 million years ago. Here, visitors are treated to one of the most awing geological experience in Africa. All game drives take place in side the crater which mostly encompasses swathes of open savannah and sections of riverine covers along the streams running from the crater wall forming one of Tanzania most consistent dwelling for the big game of Africa. However, there are no accommodation facilities found inside the crater and guests has to descend from outside for safari drives. There are majorly three main types of accommodation when defined by location. These include accommodation in…

Where to go for Horse Riding Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa’s best horse safari destinations giving riders the golden opportunity to move with the wildlife in the wilderness in full view of the landscape in the surrounding. Horse safaris are better than safari drives as they give rider a more profound interaction with nature as you can easily navigate off the established path to unravel some of the most desolate parts of the jungle. In most instances horse riding safaris in Tanzania take place in the private conservancies bordering some of the leading parks in the country. In this guide we shall discuss some of the places where you can go for riding safari while in Tanzania.

1.      Kilimanjaro…

Top Honeymoon Accommodations in Serengeti

Serengeti has some of the astonishingly stunning places in Africa with unending scenes of animal migration, spellbinding flora scenes, and a dramatic and diverse landscape. The destination is also close to similarly exciting places in Tanzania and Kenya which border the park to the north. Some of the destinations you can easily exploring during your serengeti safari include Masai Mara( Kenya) which is one of Africa major game spots, Ngorongoro( Tanzania) which is the world largest uneroded crater and a prime game area, Lake Manyara ( Tanzania) which is one of the major birding destinations in Africa and Tarangire one of the best game spots in Tanzania. Perhaps what make Serengeti a unique destination for honeymoon safari…

Most Romantic Bush Destinations for Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is undoubtedly an ideal bush honeymoon destination with some of the most exciting natural scenes in the world and world class facilities that creates curated honeymoon plans to grant a joyous and peaceful  experiences for newlyweds. Tanzania is also close to the famous Indian islands beach destinations which has some of the world’s most favoured honeymoon locations. In this guide we shall cover some of Tanzania best honeymoon destinations considering.

  • Scenery and wildlife newly weds can experience.
  • Activities available.
  • Availability of honeymoon friendly accommodation facilities.

1.      Serengeti national park

Serengeti is not only Tanzania’s most ideal…

Top Recommended Migration Mobile Camps in Serengeti

Mobile camping is the best opportunity to have Africa safari in its truthful simplicity and top level experiences. Serengeti national park in northern Tanzania offer some exciting mobile camp experiences with more comfy and renovated mobile camp aimed at placing you in the direct path of the serengeti herds at any given time in the year.

In this guide we shall cover some of the mobile camps you can pick for your next migration safari may it be your first time in Tanzania or you just want to have new experiences.

1.  Ubuntu Migration camp

The camp move two places between the Ndutu Plains( January to March)…

Migration Horse Riding in Serengeti

Serengeti in Tanzania is the world oldest game park and one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries
in Africa. The park is well known for hosting the Serengeti migration which is one of the world’s most
sought after overland migration where over 1.2 million wildebeest and about 200, 000 zebras move
round a 300 miles loop in the foray for fresh grazing pasture. Most tourists experience this
phenomena through safari drives which are the dominant activities in Africa safari. But nothing would
be more exciting than watching this whole event in the saddle. Serengeti horse safaris are designed to
give a profound experience of the whole event with special focus on the details you might not get

Masai Mara 10 Best Camps and Lodges for Honeymoon Safari

With breathtaking wildlife experiences, diverse and alluring landscape and swathes of enchantingly immaculate savannah wilderness, Masai Mara is the ideal pick for newly weds who would like to enjoy honeymoon in an escape to some of the remotest and incredibly spellbinding parts of Africa . To enhance the experiences some of the camps in the greater Mara has put up features that would make your honeymoon more memorable and life changing.  Most of these facilities has a honeymoon suite set in a isolated location with own staffs to offer the  seclusion you and your partner deserve. With these accommodations most of the bush activities are also private allowing honeymooners to enjoy the wilderness in their most deserved…

Cultural Tours in Tanzania

Tanzania has some of Africa best preserved traditional cultures often represented in lifestyles and architectural work that has remained unspoilt for thousands of years. Tanzania has over 120 tribes making it one of the most diverse nations in the world. The country is particularly famous for its strong Swahili and Arabic culture in the countries coastline and in the semi autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar. In this guide we shall cover some of the cultural tours you can take while on holiday in the country.

1.      Masai village visit while in Serengeti and Ngorongoro

The Masai are semi-nomadic Nilotic speaking community that occupy the northern section of Tanzania great rift valley…