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Historical places you must visit while in Zanzibar –

Besides being a top beach destination, Zanzibar has one of the oldest civilizations in Africa. For its strategic location along the Indian trade route, Zanzibar had for along time been exposed to the outside world and which would lead to colonization by Arabic and European. The rich history is well documented in writings and historical sites spread out in different locations of the archipelago mainly the main Unguja island. In this guide we shall cover some of the historical sites.  

 Ngome Kongwe/ Old fort  

Also known as the arab fort, the old fort is a magnificent and imposing ancient structure that was built by Busaida arab dynasty in 1698- 1701 after gaining control of the archipelago…

Things to do in the Diani (south coast)  

Diani is Kenya top beach destination and one of the most sought after in Africa . The coastline set to the south of Mombasa is famed for incredible silvery white sand natural charm, top end beach resorts and a wide varieties of water sporting activities. In this guide we shall share some of the fun and activities you can engage while in the south coast beach.  


  1. Relaxing in the white sand coastline  

The most obvious thing you will engage in while in Mombasa is relaxing in your seaside bed set between picturesque grove of palm trees and with full view of the endless azure seas. A book to read…

Things to do in Zanzibar 

Zanzibar archipelago are popular Indian islands on the eastern coast of Tanzania. The islands offer some of the most amazing white side coastlines and a wide range of fun activities to engage in. This could range from watersport to cultural tours or even a safari to the hinterlands of Tanzania and Kenya. Here are some of the top things you can do while in Zanzibar.  


  1. Relax in one of the pristine beaches  

Zanzibar boast incredibly alluring sun-kissed coastline tucked in beautiful tropical flora. Despite the long to-do list one thing that you won’t miss out is the opportunity to spend some time out sunbathing. It could be by lying…

Top beaches in Zanzibar

 Zanzibar archipelago is a cluster of Indian islands situated km off mainland Tanzania. The Unguja island is the largest and most visited island. The island is also a cultural center and the administrative centre of the semi-autonomous country. In this guide we will cover some of Zanzibar top beaches and experiences available in each of them.  

 Nungwi beach  

The bustling coastal strip on the northern side of the main island is the most visited part coastline. The beach has the widest selection of accommodation whether you are looking for a honeymoon accommodation, family friendly facility or a budget resort. With a good number of tourists always in the vicinity, Nungwi is also the best pick…

Stunning diving spots in Zanzibar 

Zanzibar is undoubtedly one of the best tropical diving destinations for its plenty coral gardens, and conducive warm weather. The Zanzibar waters are also crystal clear with great visibility. Whether you want a shallow dive or a deep sea dive the island has a lot to offer. Some of the common sea creatures you can find in the island are large groupers, octopuses, moray eels, sperm whales, whale sharks and humpback whales. In this guide we shall discuss some of the main diving spots in the Zanzibar mainland  

 Mnemba atoll 

This is the largest and a protected underwater ecosystem in the archipelago. The expansive coral garden extend from 15 m to 30 m in height and boast some…

How much does a Zanzibar trip cost 

Zanzibar is one of the most outstanding tropical islands for its incredible white sands coastlines, beautiful coral reefs, bucket list of things to do, great historical sites and exciting conservative cultures. Though most tourist visiting the destination prefer going to the main unguja island, Zanzibar also has other satellite islands that offer one of the most exclusive and authentic beach stay. Zanzibar is therefore a haven for all types of tourist from budget to luxury tourists. In this guide we shall share more information on how you can make a budget for your Zanzibar trip and still have the best value of money.  


Your Zanzibar trip budget will most likely be determined by:  

How much does a beach holidays in Mombasa cost 

The Mombasa is one of the favorite beach destination in Africa lined with 7 pristine white sand beaches each offering a unique vacation experience. Besides the beautiful coastline, more tourists prefer going for beach holidays in Kenya for its accessibility to some of the greatest safari destinations some accessible by road. One question that will always emerge when planning your trip in the Mombasa trip is the best pricing that would befit your desired experience. In this guide we shall share some important details on budgeting your Kenya beach holiday.  

Some of the factors that will affect the cost of your beach holiday in Kenya are:  

  1. Location 

10 + epic things to do in Watamu (north coast)  

Watamu beach is one of Africa most revered beaches and the most sought-after destination on the Kenya north coast. The beach destination is well known for its multiple bays that creates some of the most picture-perfect beach spots in the East Africa region. The beach also boasts impressive number of top level and award-winning beach resorts and a wide list of fun activities you can engage in. In this guide we shall discuss some of the beach, cultural and sport activities you can pick when on a beach holiday in Watamu or the northern coast.  

 Relaxing in a picturesque, sun-kissed beachfront 

If you are looking for a serene and beautiful beach setting where you can relax off…

When is the best time to visit Mombasa?


The Kenyan coast is one of Africa top beach destination for its beautiful coastline, stunning coral reefs, hot overhead sun and a wide range of water sport activities. Mombasa is also at a close distance from some of the top safari destination in Kenya some accessible by road from the port city. One thing you will definitely consider when visiting Mombasa is the most ideal time to visit for an experience that match your needs. In this guide we shall make a month by month account of the experiences in the Kenya coastline.  


January marks the beginning of the short dry season and is therefore one of the best time to visit Mombasa for…

When is the best time to go for holidays in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of the major tropical beach destinations in the Indian ocean. The archipelago offers a blend of incredible white sand coastline, a bucket list of experiences and a great opportunity to learn one of Africa most conservative culture. The semi-autonomous archipelago also has the closest Indian islands from the East Africa safari and gorilla trekking destinations. In this post we shall discuss the different experiences you get during your safari over different period of the year.  


January is one of the hottest months in Zanzibar with the temperature going up to 32o c at noon. In the afternoon there may be some thunderstorms in the afternoon but in rare occasions…