A complete guide for Nairobi Safari walk

This is one of the major attractions in Nairobi set out in Langata near Kenya wildlife services headquarters and Nairobi National park. The safari walk is a zoo of its kind where different wildlife varieties found in Kenya are caged in expansive fenced area of their individual natural habitats. A visit to nairobi safari walk is an opportunity to experience all that the kenyan wildernesses has to offer  in just 1 hr. Here the boardwalk is set high to offer a great view of the animals.

Nairobi safari walk step by step

The Nairobi safari walk is a boardwalking escapade taking you through a 27 acres area of 3 distinct ecosystems. The first habitat zone you will encounter after entering the safari walk is marsh areas . Here there are spellbinding scenes of water lily; and plentiful and imposing long papyrus reeds. In this habitat you encounter 2 guileful  crocodiles and pigmy hippos in their natural habitat. The second habitat zone represent the Savannah grasslands which happens to be the dominant vegetation in most of Kenya wilderness. This habitat encompasses section of both open Savannah and Savannah bushvelds serving interest of different animal varieties.  Here you will encounter most of Africa common animal varieties like lion, cheetah, the cagey leopard, zebras, giraffes, Antelopes and bongos placed in different enclosures. There is  a section housing Ostrich which is flightless and the largest bird on earth. You will also find a rare albino zebra in the savannah habitat zone.  The last encounter will be a woodlands habitat leading you a nature trail unraveling some of local varieties and their cultural significance. 

Besides the walk guest at Nairobi safari walk has an opportunity to participate in tree planting. There is a children museum where families have got a chance to learn about the Kenyan heritage.

Why go for Nairobi safari walk

  • Ideal for Nairobi half day tours. It the less than an hour to get all the experience in Nairobi safari walk this make it a great option for travelers who have some extra hours in Nairobi on their first and last day in Kenya.
  • It offers the best highlight for all major wildlife found in Kenya. Different parks in Kenya features distinct wildlife varieties. Nairobi safari walk is the places you can find all the major varieties showcased.
  • Good for animal photography. The boardwalk  is raised to a rooftop level giving the best perspectives to take that head shot photo of animals at display.
  • A great add on for Nairobi national park safari. The safari walk is situated closeby Nairobi National park which is one of Kenya most popular game view destination.
  • Flexible for self guided walking safari. You will not require a tour guide for the safari walk as all the zoos has signboards giving details of the occupants.
  • Its cost effective. Narobi safari walk charges an affordable entrance rate of less than 3 USD. You will also not require tour guides or landcruiser to carry out this trip
  • Lastly, a visit to this sanctuary is a contribution to conservation efforts. The orphanage houses wildlife rescued from other parks mostly orphaned babies. Al revenues collected from the safari walk help to sustain the initiative.

Best accommodation for Nairobi safari walk

Guest going for Nairobi safari walk has a wide range of accomodation options with the attraction being just 7 km from the center of Nairobi city. Here you can pick the most desired  hotel styles from family to budget friendly facilities. However, hotels set on the borders of Nairobi National park  are the closest and the best. These include emakoko, masai lodge and ololo safari lodge & farm.The safari walk is just 15 minutes drive from the famous giraffe manor.