Best places to stay in Masai Mara

Masai Mara is Kenya’s most advanced game destination with over 100 accommodations situated in different localities of greater Mara. Undoubtedly, the location of a facility has a greater impact on your safari experience. In this post we shall cover Masai Mara safari experience in 6 distinct regions of greater Mara

1.   Masai Mara game reserve

Most travelers would prefer getting an accommodation inside the public park as it put them in a close proximity to what happens in the famous game country . Here, the best accommodation are lined along Mara river and its tributaries; strategically close to some of the major game hotspots and migration crossing points. Most of the facility along the river are uniquely designed to give the guests limitless view of the drama happening in the river.

Some of the most remarkable designs are transparent glass walls and riverfacing private decks. These facilities include Mara Eden camp, Mara ngeche camp, ill moran governors camp, governors main camp and Mara Explorer camp

Besides there are other facilities mostly mid range accommodations situated around found in other parts of the park amongst them Keekorok lodge and Sarova Mara safari lodge situated towards southern border with Serengeti.

Why choose accommodation in Masai Mara game reserve

Masai Mara will give you one of the best chances to have a limitless experience game life in it by setting you at the center of the whole drama. Most of the facilities inside Masai Mara are not fenced allowing wildlife to freely roam in the vicinity of your hotel compound.

2.   Mara triangle

Though regarded as part of Masai Mara, the south western Mara section secludes itself from other parts of the public park and is run separately as Mara conservancy. Mara triangle is the best for tourist who are ready to go off the beaten tracks and unravel the most hidden safari experiences. Buffered by the Mara river animals in Mara triangle do not migrate leading to unparalleled game view throughout the year. Here the sights of the big five is almost guaranteed. Whereas there are only two safari accommodations inside Mara triangle, Mara serena and little governors camp; budget travelers can take a backpacker packages in 8 public and private campsites in the region. Both Mara serena and little governors camp are situated along mara rive near major crossing point for the serengeti herds. With all tents set surrounding the central marshes which host an impressive wildlife population and the Musiara marshes close-by, Little governors camp is the best facility in the entire greater mara for game safaris. Since the Mara triangle has limited accommodation options, the region

receives relatively lower numbers of visitors all round the year when compared to other parts of Masai Mara game reserve. Guest are also allowed to go for open sided safaris unlike in other public parks.

Why choose accommodation in the mara triangle

The Mara triangle is the best region in greater Mara for game viewing .Here you are guaranteed of sighting all the big five except rhinos within the first 15- 20 minutes of your safari. Tourist staying in the facilities in this region are also in a better position to follow the famous river crossing event. With a number of public and private campsites, the Mara triangle is the only place inside Masai Mara where you can get a low budget accommodation alongside top level experiences.

3.   Oloololo escarpments

The dramatic rim of the great rift valley stands on the western border of the public reserve. Set high at an altitude of about 1935 m this is the best Mosquito free location in greater Mara. Here Angama Mara is the only accommodation facility set on this location. The site is a sundowner paradise giving a limitless view of the greater Mara Savannah plains spread out in the lower reaches.The safari lodge has all its walls facing the park made of transparent glass facades to enhance your view. Here guest go for game drives in the Mara triangle

Why choose an accommodation in Oloololo escarpments

The region is ideal for guests/ family seeking accommodation in high places where they can enjoy sundowner moments with great view of Africa savannah plains. The Angama Mara is ideal for guest seeking a completely exclusive check ins and check outs via a Private airfield situated infront of the facility. The Mara triangle is one of the least crowded sections of Masai Mara allowing an almost exclusive safari drives.

4.   Mara big  4 conservancies

There are more than 10 conservances in Masai Mara mostly situated in the northern part of greater Mara. Mara north, Naboisho, Ol Kinyei and Olare Motorogi are however the most sought after offering unparalled bush experience amidst incredible game scenes. The four conservancies share border with Masai Mara national reserve allowing resident and migratory wildlife to freely roam between the wildernesses. Notably tourists staying in Mara conservancies are around entry to both the government park and the conservancy giving them a wider scope of experiences. Additionally, guests at Mara north conservancies are able to participate in bush activities like horse back safaris, fly camping, off-road driving and night game drives which enhances there bush experience.


  • Mara north: Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp, Kicheche Mara camp,Karen blixen camp,and Saruni Mara camp
  • Ol Kinyei:Porini Cheetah Camp and porini Mara camp
  • Naboisho:kicheche Mara camp,Naboisho Camp,Encounter Mara, Eagle view, Basecamp Explorer Wilderness Camp and Great Plains
  • Olare Motorogi:porini lion camp and Mara plains camp

Why choose accommodation in Masai Mara conservancies

The Mara conservancies offers the best interaction with the wilderness with a range of activities not allowed in the public park helping to enhance the experience. Additionally only guests booked on members camps are allowed to go for game drives inside the conservancies hence limiting the crowds seen in the public park in high and peak seasons.

5.   Nearby villages

These are mostly budget and mid-range accommodations found on the nearby major locations (mostly near the major Masai Mara gates). Though guest in these facilities access the public park from outside they are still able to enjoy the full experience up to when the park closes in the evening. Nobody including those staying inside the park are allowed to go for game drives inside Masai Mara game reserve past the official hours hence you wont be disadvantaged by staying outside the park. Even though there are no wildlife roaming around these facilities has their locations well appointed in sites that inspire some great bush vibe.

Such accommodations include Jambo Mara safari lodge set out in Ololaimutiek village situated less than 1 km from Oloolamutia gate and Talek bush camp located a short distance from Talek gate.

Why choose accommodation in Masai Mara villages

There safari lodges/ camps in these locations are pocket-friendly. Staying in an accommodation near the major Masai Mara gates offers safari experience similar to that of guests booked inside the public park.

Note: Tourists accessing Masai Mara from outside pay 80 USD per person for a day park fee subscription which is 10 USD higher than what is paid by those staying in Masai Mara and the mara triangle. Additionally, the conservation fee you pay in a conservancies isn’t part of the park fee. However, tourists staying in Mara Triangle section aren’t supposed to pay any extra park fees to explore other sections of the park.