Best walking Safaris in Kenya

Nothing makes a bush stay more exciting than exploring the wilderness on foot. In Kenya walking safaris are highly organized activities to give you that perfect experience of game life in some of the country famous game sanctuaries. Importantly walking safaris are restricted in the public park which leave the private conservancies as the best places to go for a walking safari. Walking safaris can range from a short stroll into the wilderness taking less than an hour to multi-days fly camping excursion. Notably, Walking safaris are organized by accommodation operators which explains the need to check whether walking excursion a facility offer meet your expected experience before booking. In this guide, we shall share some of Kenya’s best walking safari destinations and the experiences they impact on guests.

1.   Mara North conservancy

Mara North is one of the most outstanding wilderness in the northern edge of Masai Mara featuring most of the wildlife found in greater Mara. The 74000 acres conservancy top our list for having the widest selection of bush camps offering walking safaris in the entire greater Mara. Being one of the most diverse and densely populated conservancy in Masai Mara, Mara North has the ideal set of experience any tourist would be looking at. Here walking safaris will lead to a changeover of landscapes between Savannah grassland plains to dense woodlands valleys. The view of wildlife grazing on open savannah plain backdropped by the flora rich Lemek hills make the conservancy one of the scenic places in greater Mara northern region. Some of the accommodations you can pick in Mara north for your Masai Mara walking safari include Karen blixen camp, Saruni Mara camp, Saruni wild camp(on border with lamek), Mara Bush Houses, Royal Mara,Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp, Serian, Kicheche Mara camp, Elephant Pepper Camp, Mara plains camp, Offbeat Safaris, and Safaris Unlimited. Multiple days fly camp walking safaris are available.

2.   Lemek Mara conservancy

Lemek conservancy is a small wilderness in the northern part of Masai Mara. Though big cats like lion and leopard are occasional the conservancy has an impressive population of giraffes, buffaloes and elands. The conservancy is the ideal walking safari destination for guest seeking budget accommodations. It is also a good option for joint family walking safaris. The landscape here is a mix of savanna and a slightly dense woodlands sheathing the lemek hills. Lemek is also one of the four wilderness in Mara north that have Mara river as their natural border to the west. Here some of the accommodation you can pick for your next walking safari in Masai Mara include Mara River Lodge, Mara Concord, Losokwan and Saruni Wild camp on the conservancy border with Mara north.

3.   Ol pejeta conservancy

The conservancy in Laikipia offer the most diverse walking safari ranging from lion tracking, a guided foray for collared lions that reigns in the savannah wilderness; to fly camping for rhino tracking in the rhino sanctuary. Set out on the slopes of Mt Kenya, the open wilderness is the best wildlife walking safari destination outside Masai Mara region. Ol pejeta is famed for having the most impressive black rhino display in Kenya. During your walking safari you will have a rare opportunity to take a head shot photo of lion at a close range, photograph herds of black rhino and capture the snow capped sharp pointed mt Kenya peaks. The most ideal accommodations for ol pejeta walking safaris are Sweetwater Serena camp, Kicheche Laikipia camp, Ol Pejeta Bush camp, Ol Pejeta Safari cottages,Jambo mutara camp, Porini Rhino camp and pelican house. Walking safaris can range from a single afternoon lion tracking escapade to multi day fly camp excursions.

4.   Hells gate National Park

Hells gate is a small national park in central rift valley, Naivasha, famed for her incredibly picturesque landscape. The 50 km gorge walk is the dormant activity in the park. Lower gorge features sceneries like waterfalls,hot and cold water springs, beautiful strata of rocks and caves. The upper gorge will awe with sights of freelky roaming zebras, grant gazelles, buffaloes, waterbucks and giraffes. Notably, hell’s gate is the only national park in Kenya where you can go for unguided walking safari with unlimited view of wildlife. It is also a pocket friendly option as the nearby Naivasha region has some of the most affordable accommodations you can have in Kenya. Hells gate walk is also a breathtaking experience with diverse activities to keep engaged throughout the day.

5.   Crescent island

The crescent island is a small extension of wilderness in Lake Naivasha, Kenya second largest freshwater lake. The island host an impressive population of non-predatory wildlife like giraffes, african buffaloes, waterbucks and hippos. Here, you can go for a short guided walking safari for a close range wildlife photography. The crescent island walking safari will also lead to some incredibly alluring scenes of freshwater shoreline birds which include egrets, waterfowls, guineafowl, storks and herons varieties that thrives on the waterlogged lake banks. Crescent island walking safari is quiet pocket friendly options as they are a good number of budget accommodation in Naivasha.

6.   Lewa conservancy

The Laikipia conservancy is nestled between a panoramic arid landscape dotted with acacia trees and some incredible swathes of Savannah plains. Walking safari in this conservancy leads to scenic close range view of wildlife mostly rhinos backdropped by a picturesque landscape. Walking safaris here could be a one or two days walking trails starting from a permanent luxury lodge to multi days fly camping escaped immersed into lewa and Il’Ngwesi Community Ranch. Some of the accommodations you can take in for Lewa walking safari include Lewa wilderness camp(mobile) , Lewa house, Lewa safari camp, Governors’ Mugie

House and Borana lodge.

7.   Kalama conservancy

The conservancy was established in the Samburu region as a wildlife corridor for migrant animals coming to the Samburu parks from Marsabit. Being one of the driest parks in Kenya Samburu boast one of the best game view in Kenya all weathers. Some of the most common wildlife here include

Grevy Zebras, reticulated giraffes, elephants and ostriches. Saruni Samburu is the only accommodation in the conservancy giving a completely desolate stay to its guests. Here you can go for a permanent camp based walking safaris or go for multiple days fly camping safari to enhance the experience.

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