How to spend your honeymoon in Mombasa

The coastal town of Mombasa has been the first landing for newlyweds starting a safari in Kenya a destination known for its magical mixture of pristine white sand beaches and numerous national parks featuring plenty of fauna amongst them the big five. Attractions in Kenya have ranked high in terms of quality experience with Diani beach in Mombasa’s south coast having been voted Africa’s best beach destination for five years running up to 2019 in the world’s travel award. In 2021 TripAdvisor ranked Masai Mara, a popular national reserve in the southern part of the country, the 3rd best bush destination in the world.

Getting to Mombasa

 The most convenient transportation for international travelers is flying directly to Moi International Airport which is one of the busiest airports in the East Africa region. However, if you are starting your honeymoon trip with several days’ stay in bush destinations in the rift valley or the southern circuit, Nairobi JKIA airport is the most convenient. To access Mombasa from the capital, you can take a flight from Wilson Airport to Ukunda airport or use the Madaraka SGR train services. The train is the best option as it is an affordable and reliably fast option. Notably, beaches on the north coast are more easily accessible through Mombasa – Malindi highway. For the south coast, you will have to use a flight or ferry service to reach your destination.

Best honeymoon beach destinations in Mombasa

Nyali Beach

The beach that stretches from the Mombasa peninsula southwards is the closest to Mombasa town. the spotlessly white sand beach is an insanely natural scenery featuring some of the most beautiful tropical vegetations and underwater ecosystems. Nyali beach forms part of Mombasa Marine park which provide host to a colourful variety of marine species which include: starfish, sea cucumber, sea urchins, crabs and turtles. another key attraction here is the mamba village farm which is the largest reptilia sanctuary in Kenya.

 Our best hotel for honeymoon here is Nyali beach holiday resort. The hotel offers newlywed with a package that includes:

  • A bottle of wine on arrival
  • Excursions to mamba village ( on extra charges)
  • Candlelight dinner
  • A bouquet of flowers on arrival

Malindi beach

The beach is in Malindi 120 km north of Mombasa. What sets this stretch apart from other public beaches in Malindi is its beach is its beautiful flora. This beach has the magical spots for the newly-wed to relax in sea sides bed and enjoy the feel of the smooth sea currents and a great view of the powder white beaches and the crystal clear sea water. It is also one of the best places to intimately dip your toes in the alluringly cooling mudflats that forms at the edge of the beach. Malindi Marine Park gives the island the romantic natural touch featuring beautiful groves of palms and mangrove, seagrass beds, turtles and shore birds as well as a beautiful coaral garden in the lagoon

Here the best accommodation option is Diamond dream of Africa resort. This resort offers a honeymoon plan that offer free services like:

  • Flowers and decorations in the room on Arrival
  • A bottle of wine on arrival
  • A basket of fruits

In addition, there are other affordable services that can spice up your honeymoon at an extra-charges. These include:

  1. Massage at the spa
  2. A romantic candlelight beach dinner
  3. Maldivian couple dinner prepared as a you wish it to be
  4. Romantic breakfast in the room
  5. Dinner with lobster on the beach

Diani Beach

The south coast beach is one of the best beaches in Africa with its spotless white sand coastal lining hugged by beautiful tropical flora where stunningly designed hotels are nestled. Diani has some of the extreme luxurious hotels in the world and you will have several options available for your honeymoon. Of all the beaches in the Kenyan coast Diani offer more sport activities which include: windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing etc. scuba diving in this section of the coast is quite rewarding with enchanting undiscovered underwater landscape and ship wrecks. But the most alluring is the coral reefs in the kisite marine park near Kenya border with Tanzania. Here you are gifted a glamorous view of underwater life. The quality of hotels, offbeat experience and proximity to the coastal capital, Mombasa(22kms) makes it one of the best options for a honeymoon in our list. Our hotel choice for honeymooners in this stretch is The Sand at Chale island. The hotel isolated at a tip which is more like a private island. It is the best place to stay away from the crowds and the beach hustlers (beach boy) who nag and are hard to shake off.

 Here the honeymoon package comes with:

  • Room decoration and bouquet of flowers delivered to your room on arrival
  • Candlelight dinner at the beach
  • Massage for two at the spa
  • A bottle of wine on arrival

Mombasa beyond the beach

Besides the beach there are other romantic place you can venture in within the trappings of the coastal town. these include:

1.      Old town and fort Jesus

A guided walk through this section of the town will reflect the rich history of the coastal town. Mombasa old town characterized with the ancient arabic designs is one of the few ancient settlement that lives on. Here you will come across friendly people mostly of Arabic, Swahili and Asian origin. Fort Jesus an iconic watch tower built by the portugueese in the 16th century is the most visited attraction in old town. The fortress presents a stunning example of the military renaissance. Inside the fortress is a museum where you will find intriguing collections of artifacts excavavated from the fortress and other coastal sites .

2.      The crocodile farm

The reptilia farm also known as the mamba village is the largest crocodile farm in Africa. Here you will be able to see a collection of reptilia mostly crocodilesput in display. your guide will take you through the life cycle of a crocodile with individuals of various sizes and stages on displayed. You will get fascinating facts about different reptiles natural behaviors, life span and feeding habit.

3.      Hallers park

The park formed from an old quarry wasteland is the most sought after game sanctuary situated within Mombasa. The small man made reserve is a thriving ecosystem of swamps, forest and grasslands with fenced sections featuring different animals found in the sanctuary. These include: crocodile pens, giraffe viewing area, fish farm, reptile park and palm garden.  Here you will walk through the park with a tour guide giving account of fascinating aspects about various mammal varieties. A natural trail here will also lead up to bird species such as eagles, sand piper, weaver, stork, ibis owl and heron.

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