Masai Mara 10 Best Camps and Lodges for Honeymoon Safari

With breathtaking wildlife experiences, diverse and alluring landscape and swathes of enchantingly immaculate savannah wilderness, Masai Mara is the ideal pick for newly weds who would like to enjoy honeymoon in an escape to some of the remotest and incredibly spellbinding parts of Africa . To enhance the experiences some of the camps in the greater Mara has put up features that would make your honeymoon more memorable and life changing.  Most of these facilities has a honeymoon suite set in a isolated location with own staffs to offer the  seclusion you and your partner deserve. With these accommodations most of the bush activities are also private allowing honeymooners to enjoy the wilderness in their most deserved and exclusive way.  In this guide we shall share details on some of the best a accommodations for a honeymoon safari and why they are the best suited  pick

1.      Ol Seki Mara camp

The facility is in a stunning flora setting inside the Mara Naboisho conservancy. The hemmingsway owned facility offer a completely exclusive moments for newly weds with two isolated honeymoon suites each having private dining on the front deck and a private chef to attend to your needs. In the evening couples are treated to exclusive bush dinners under the star and in a dramatic wilder settings in Naboisho conservancy. Newly weds with marriage certificates not older than 180 days enjoy discounted rates. Room upgrades with decorations can be made on prior arrangement. Importantly, Olseki Mara camp is a member camp at Mara Naboisho conservancy which give guests the right to conduct exclusive bush activities like private safari drives, horse riding and walking safari without restrictions.

2.      Sanctuary Olonana

Set on the winding of Mara river at the heart of the famous game country, Sanctuary Olonana is the ideal facility for newly weds seeking a more profound experience of an Africa wilderness. The honeymoon suite has all the services private with special honeymoon packages like sparkling wine on arrival, romantic turn down services for rose petal decorations, honeymoon baths and candle lit dinner in a select location on the banks of Mara river. Here couples can engage in private game drives, walking safari or go for a balloon for an intimately exciting aerial view of the Mara plains.

3.      Angama Mara

Set on the steeps of Olololo escarpments that acts as the natural western border for the game reserve, is the exclusive luxury facility. Angama Mara has a private airfield allowing newlyweds to have a private entry into the region. Here newlyweds who book accommodation for four nights only pay for two nights which is one of the best discounted rates for honeymoon safari in Masai Mara. The honeymoon suite has all amenities and services individualized to offer the much needed exclusivity for you and your partner. A Masai culture inspired room decoration with roses petal will have been arranged before arrival. In the vicinity of the camp is a great sundowner spot that is also one of the settings of the famous out of Africa, featuring a sweeping view of the Masai Mara game reserve below. Here newlyweds can spend some moments together watching over the magical sunset.

4.      Cottars Bush villa

The cottars 1920’s owned facility is Masai Mara only completely bush villa providing newly weds a completely exclusive stay. Set in one of the remotest locations in olderkesi conservancy to the south east of the park, you and your partners will have the magical moments out of the contemporary world and an opportunity solely interact with nature and all that it holds. The cottars private bush villa comes with dedicated and discrete staff offering newly weds a home like stay in the centre of the savannah. Here guests can engage in private walking safaris, exclusive game drives and a candle lit dinner by the fireplace at the front of your private deck.

5.      Naibor camp

Naibor is set in a grove of riverine along Talek river near the confluence with Mara river. The tranquil wild setting is the most outstanding gift of nature newlywed can get in Masai Mara with some of the most famous wilderness film having been taken in the vicinity of the camp. The little naibor, separated  from the main camp area, is the best type of accommodation for honeymoon safaris in Naibor. This accommodation have just two units carefully and separately positioned amongst the trees each with a  private compound and entrance. Here newly weds are rewarded with discounted rates and a completely personalized staff to enhance the experience.

6.      Governors camp

Set on the banks of Mara river, the governors camp is the oldest permanent camp in Masai Mara having remained in the current location since 1972. Here newlyweds are able to take full advantage of the excellent location featuring some of the best views of resident and migratory wildlife right from your camp vicinity. The honeymoon suite is particularly set apart on a bend of the river guaranteeing unimpeded view of crocodiles and hippos in their natural habitats. Here the loud silence of nature often interrupted by the seamless sounds of bird is endemic. During  honeymoon safaris the facility offer activities like private flight over the mara plains, Masai troupe dances and caddle lit dinners to create some of the best memories you can have for your union.

7.      Olare Kempenski

The 5 stars luxury hotel is in Olare Motorogi conservancy, one of the major conservancies in Mara North. The facility has a specially designed honeymoon suite offering a romantic retreat in one of the most secluded spots in greater Mara region. Here guests of honeymoon safaris are provided with a heartwarming reception by Masai dancer and dedicated horseback arrival. Room petal decorations can be arranged on prior requests. Here you can engage in private safari drives, caddle lit dinner in the wilderness and a cocktail by the poolside. Being a private conservancy, game drives at olare Motorogi are intimately exclusive with no vehicles crowding a scene.

8.      Salas camp

The facility is nestled in a forested setting on the banks of the sand river, a seasonal river on the southern part of Masai Mara. The location is one of the least visited places in the Masai Mara game reserve giving newly weds a completely desolate experience. The camp has 2 honeymoon suites set separately in the bushes from other units to guarantee maximum privacy to the guests. The camp stand out as an ideal choice for guests who would like to experience an ‘out of Africa’ honeymoon safari through exhaustive game drives in the Mara triangle which feature a more outstanding experiences . Salas camp arranges private candle lit dinner for couples on the dry sand riverbeds where you will enjoy an awe inspiring star display  and the seamless and rejuvenating sounds of night creatures.

9.      Mara Bush camp

Mara bush camp is set on a tranquil riverine on the banks of Olare Orok river inside Masai Mara game reserve. The  facility stand out as a great choice for honeymoon safari due to its unique design where every unit is set apart in the dense woodlands to guarantee much needed privacy. Each of the unit has own compound and entry to enhance the experience. Decorations can be arranged on prior request.

10.Mahali Mzuri

The awarding facility is in one of the wildlife rich location in Olare Motorogi conservancy. The word Mahali Mzuri is swahili for ‘ a good place’ and as the name suggest the camp is above the average accommodation you will find in Masai Mara. The facility has a honeymoon nestled into a secluded location in the wilderness. The camp offer guests on a honeymoon safari a romantic escape into the wilderness where you will enjoy bush dinner under the stars. After dinner you are treated with a romantic turn down filled with rose petal, bubble bath, a sparkling wine and a cosy location on the deck where you can continue enjoy the peaceful star filled sky.