What to consider when choosing a Kenya honeymoon safari package

Kenya is one of the world’s famous destinations carrying a unique mixture of beach holidays and popular bush attractions. Whether you are planning to spend the entire honeymoon in the stunningly beautiful white sand beaches or you want to also have a visit to the off beaten greater Mara region characterized by thousands of migrating wildebeest as an add on to your beach holiday; Kenya carries the unusually heartwarming sights that leads up to great memories about Africa. Choosing a honeymoon package may however prove to be quite a hard task. Notably, most travel agents offer their clients the freedom to tailor make their dream honeymoon plan at destinations of choice. Below is a short guide of things you should consider to arrive at the perfect itinerary for a honeymoon.

For the memories have a space for the premium destinations

Of close to 40 destinations in Kenya only Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru can guarantee quality game viewing you would desire. If you are travelling primarily for a bush honeymoon a package allocating a minimum of four days in the Mara wilderness could be very rewarding. Masai Mara has the best wildlife density in the country giving a quality view of the big five and over 400 other fauna species. During the migration season the park is full of life with over 1.2 million migratory wildebeest and zebras coming to the park anf adding to the numerous numbers of resident animals. With the park having  numerous lions prides, a safari during the migration season will lead up to an unprecedented view of the dramatic life and death chases. Amboseli National park is another destination you should not miss out especially if you are travelling in the dry season when the wildlife congregate at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro where there are permanent lush green lands that sustain the wildlife in times of scarcity. Lake Nakuru 2 hrs from Nairobi, offer the best quality game drive for travelers going for a day trip from the capital. The small has an impressive wildlife population and you can transverse through in 5 to 6 hrs.  Notably, even though some destinations are good escape to include in your package some may not have a lot to sight other than sceneries and the flora.

Search for the hidden gems

 Other than the more quality premium destinations in the southern circuit there is still a lot to be discovered in other destinations which holds some alluring flora and fauna as well as spectacular natural formations to gush over. Though not so much excellent game viewing spots to warrant spending more than a day in a single destination, it’s still worthwhile including some of the attractions in your itinerary. The most unique thing about these destinations is that they are intimate and magical spots to bond with your partner in an unspoilt serene wilderness. Notably, you will still find wildlife common in their different ecosystems though just a few varieties.  Such options include parks situated in central rift valley  and the Samburu parks. A good honeymoon package should include some of these destinations especially when you are in a long honeymoon vacation. This will give you ample time to spend with your partner in an unforgettable solitude. In some places like the crescent island in Naivasha bush walking is more unrestricted giving you chance to track and view wildlife at a close range. Less violent animals like wildebeest, zebras, impalas and giraffes are the most common in the small island.

Coastal short safari packages

In the Kenyan coast there is still a lot to be seen beyond the beach. To begin with a guided trip round Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu which are major town along the Kenyan shorelines leads to surreal mix of picturesque architectural building that depict a unique Arabic inspired culture  and opportunity to come across relics of ancient fortresses, ruined cities and mosque. On top of that the kenyan coast has several forest parks and zoo where with a day or half-day trip will be a great escape beyond the beach. Most hotels at the coast offer such excursions at affordable rates saving clients the hustle of hiring a tour guide for the short coastal trips. When booking a hotel enquire on the excursions being offered and their rates. You should also confirm whether such packages are available for a couple private trip. 

Honeymoon offers

Some hotels especially those at the Kenyan coast offer honeymoon plans that treat their clients to some of the most hidden intimate experiences.  For instance at The sand at Chale Island hotel honeymoon guests are treated to a massage, welcome drink on arrival , a bottle of wine and fruits platter , a romantic candlelight dinner and a flower bouquet in your room.

The best honeymoon hotels provide unique honeymoon suite that befits the privacy you and your partner needs. A good honeymoon suite provides clients with completely personalized services. For example the Elsa kopje resort in meru national park offer personalized services with a private deck overlooking the spread out plains in meru national park.

Weather and season

Kenya is dry in most part of the year with a heavy downpour experienced between mid-march and May. If you are having your honeymoon in the dry season consider a combined bush and beach honeymoon will give you an unbeaten glimpse of Africa. During this period, December to march and June to October game viewing is excellent as wildlife migrate to the few remaining grazing spots along river banks and floodplains situated in different ecosystems. If you are going for honeymoon during the migration season, July and August,  bush honeymoon in one of the Mara conservancies will yield magic.

If you are going for honeymoon during the rainy season a bush safari may not give much to warrant the need for a safari outside the coastal circuit. During this time look for a beach package offering more days along the beach and a day or two spent in attractions found in the coastal region like: shimba hills and Tsavo national parks.

Activities to keep you busy

For all the time you will be spending in a holiday in Kenya you will have the opportunity to involve in different activities on top of the normal game drives or relaxing in a seaside bed. Notably, most of the activities are offered as complimentary by hotels each having its own unique offrer. For instance if you are at the Kenyan coast and you would like to engage in scuba diving as a beginner go for The sand at Nomad hotel where there is a diving training school. For golf lovers vipingo beach and golf resort is the best option.The laidback Galu beach is the best location for kitesurfing. Here hotel like Kenyaways kitesurfing beach resort offer training services at an affordable price. If you are looking a palce to have a view of the aquatic life in a glass bottomed boat choose hotels near the marine parks at the Kenyan coast.

Similarly, different bush hotels offer a range of activities. If newlyweds would love to have that bonding experience emmersion into the wilderness far from the vicinity of humanity, a fly camping facility would be the best option. One such camp is the kicheche camp located in mara north conservancy and Ol pejeta conservancy in Laikipia. Here you will find a lightweight flycamp set in the wilderness for two and which is staffed with a camp hand and a cook. Throughout your stay, besides the game drive, you will have the opportunity to spend 4 to 5 hrs walking in these wilderness to enjoy the wild in a timeless fashion. Other activities you can engage in while in a Kenya bush safari include: bush dinner,  night game drives, cultural village visits and balloon ride.

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What to consider when choosing a honeymoon safari package