Zanzibar vs Mauritius: which is better for honeymoon?

You might have heard of these two destinations in Africa famed for their photogenic sites and plenty of tropical flora and fauna which makes up a perfect holiday escape for newlyweds seeking great places where they can relax and bond. Zanzibar is an archipelago encompassing Unguja main island and a few other satellite islets that are active in tourism. Even though islands like mafia and pemba have a lot to be seen the main Unguja island carries much of the attractions and you might not necessarily have to hope to another island. Mauritius, on the other hand, is a picturesque block island formed as a result of volcanic activities leading up to white sand coastline and a beautiful mountainous interior. In this guide we shall give a detailed comparison of the two destinations that will assist you make a choice for your honeymoon. 

Zanzibar vs Mauritius: which has better beaches?

Although Zanzibar has great white sand stretches in all corners, the best beaches are situated in the South Eastern and Northern side of the main island of Unguja. The south eastern beaches are great spot for snorkeling and diving since they experience strong tides which are moderated by a barrier reef. There region’s long white sand beaches makes it the best place to carry long strolls when the sea retires away from the shores. The region also receives most of the oceanic kusi and kaskaz breezes that make the island a good destination for kite surfing. The biggest limitation of this part of the island is that there are more visitors coming here leading to numerous crowds that deprives you the exclusivity needed for a honeymoon. The most popular beaches along this side Paje and Bwejuu beach.

To get the privacy you desire go for small fishing village like Jambani and Michamvi bay where there are fewer beach resorts. Alternatively choose a beach in the north coast. The north is a paradise in its own uniqueness. There are no coral lagoons making the north the ideal spot for swimming. The nothern shore also provides a more picturesque view of the turquoise Indian seas often engulfed by ancient dhows that dock in the area. A dhow ride down the coast will give you an opportunity to have a view of different coastal forest in the shores of the island.  Pemba island, a piece of paradise off the northern coast also have several fishing villages and pristine beaches you can choose to visit.

Likewise, Mauritius has pristine beaches in all the corners. The northern and western beaches are however the most popular. Le moune peninsula in the western side of the island creates the most idyllic spot in this destination with its unusually regular shaped tip that ends in sugar white sand beach with the interior featuring beautiful floral and a tall and sharp rocky mountain. Though Mauritius may not be a great choice for divers and snorkelers compared to Zanzibar, there are diving activities to the north of the islands especially in a cluster of satellite islets: Ile Ronde, Gabrielle, Me-o-Serpent etc. Kitesurfing is the most popular watersport done in the island mostly in Bella Mare in the East, Cap Malheureux in the North, Le Morne in the west and Blue Bay in the south. Mauritius beach have less crowds compared to Zanzibar.

Conclusion: Mauritius has more beautiful beaches than Zanzibar. However, Zanzibar is a better destination for on water sports. Mauritius beach are however better for honeymoon since they have the ideal exclusivity that gives you the space to bond with your partner out of human vicinity.

Which has more alluring flora and Fauna Zanzibar vs Mauritius

The Jozani national park nature trail is the highlight of the stunning and sultry vegetational cover that leads to an insanely romantic excursion in the main island. Jozani forest boost over 40 birds species as well as different fauna species most commonly the red colobus monkeys who live in large families. The forest situated in the northern part of the island has 4 nature trails going for approximately an hour that leads to scenic coastal forests and swamps. Besides the nature trail, Zanzibar Bwejuu beach is one of the few beach destinations where you can go for a ‘reef walk’. Normally in low tides the sea retires over 1.5 km away such that the coral reefs are left in shallow Waters close to the shoreline. Here you will have an opportunity to walk along the water as you view different water plants and creatures. Most commonly sea cucumbers and sea urchins.

Mauritius on the other hand having not been inhibited until the 17th century, you will gush over the plenty fauna and flora species where vast swathes of the country are rainforest. The small island has magical 670 flowering species, 45% of them being endemic to the island. It is only in Mauritius where you will be stunned by alluring romantic flower scents which merged with the natural serenity creates an ideal location to make the romantic connections with your partner. Notably, Mauritius is the best place in the world where you can sight beautiful orchid gardens. There are 89 orchid species in the island with 9 species only found in the island. On top of that, there are over 100 birds species to be spotted in this island more common being the stunning rare Mauritius Kestrel which represent one of the most successful conservation effort. The once near extinct bird can be found in different captive collections in the island as well as in their natural habitat while in a natural trail. Most interesting of this island is its plenty varieties of aquatic plants and creatures.

Conclusion: though both destinations are great spots to sight different fauna and flora varieties Mauritius is a better option presenting some of the most colourful flower gardens and stunning  forest bird scenes.

Zanzibar vs Mauritius: which is better for sightseeing or city tours.

Zanzibar has several places of interest especially cultural site that carries evidence of one of the oldest civilizations in Africa. The most popular place is the stone town situated to the North of the main island. The picturesque ancient settlement features arab, Swahili and European architectural designs which highlights the myriad of conquests whose fusion lead to adoption of one of Africas rich and unique cultures. At the old town is one of the famed Omani designed old fortress which is one of the oldest fortress in the Indian coast that are still standing. Another popular attraction is the prison island an islet situated 5 kms off the old town coast. The island initially disgnated as a place to hold rebellious slave ended up being used as a quarantine place for yellow fever victims in the 19th century.

Mauritius on the other hand features less cultural sites to gush over. However, the island carries picturesque earth formations formed in the volcanicity process.

Conclusion: Zanzibar is a better destination if you are interested in cultural tours. Unfortunately the archipelago features few natural formations. Mauritius has little to give in cultural and historic tours with the capital port louis having started in the 18th century. However, the country has thrilling natural formation that create some picture perfect scenes at the backdrop of pristine white sand shorelines .

Zanzibar vs Mauritius which is  better for a combined bush and beach honeymoon

Zanzibar lies along the East Africa coast a region well known for its diverse bush destinations. Most tour operators operating in the island offer a combined beach holiday and bush safari  which saves the need of multiple service providers. There are scheduled flights to destinations like masai mara and serengeti which are some of the most sought after destinations in the world. The East Africa region is known for the wildebeest migration which is one of the worlds most famous natural wonders. One delimiting factor about East Africa destination is that a standard bush honeymoon maybe quite costly. Game viewing is also less rewarding in the rainy season.

Mauritius lies on the southern Eastern side of Africa. Some of the most common bush destination along this include south Africa and Botswana. Most tour operator offer a combined bush safari in south Africa and Mauritius. There are daily scheduled flight to Mauritius through airports like Kruger Mpumulanga airport which  serves Kruger National park, the most sought-after attraction in South Africa. Due to its highly developed tourism infrastructure, south Africa is one of the few destinations where bush safari are fairly affordable. The country is also an all year round destination.

Conclusion: A combined Zanzibar and kenya or Tanzania bush safari is the best option if you are looking for quality safaris in exception of the rainy season. South Africa and Mauritius safari is the best option if you are looking at the cost of the safari.

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Zanzibar vs Mauritius