Things to do in Mombasa – The Fort Jesus Sound and Light Show

Mombasa is one of the exciting destinations in Kenya, thanks to its inviting weather, gorgeous beaches, and tantalizing cuisine. Most of all, though, the coastal town is worth the trip for the history. Fort Jesus is among its must-see attractions.

The structure dates back to 900 AD and tells of the struggles Mombasa endured to become what it is. For those not familiar with the history, Fort Jesus was constructed by the Portuguese to protect the port of Mombasa. It was a military fortification to help the Portuguese control the Indian Ocean trade routes.

Since its construction, Fort Jesus was captured and recaptured nine times. Control changed hands between the Portuguese, the then Sultan of Mombasa, Yusuf ibn al-Hasan, the British and Omani Arabs.

Learning the heritage of the imposing structure is part of the fun of visiting Mombasa. Now, guests can have this experience in the most spectacular manner. The Fort Jesus Sound and Light Show with Fireworks is a stunning exhibition retelling the structure’s history. If you plan to have Fort Jesus in your itinerary, and you should, then there’s no better way to see it than this phenomenon.

An Enchanting Experience

‘Enchanting’ may be part of the show’s branding, but it also accurately describes what to expect. The multimedia event narrates the history of Fort Jesus through holograms, 3D projection mapping and lasers. So, you can be sure that it beats listening to a guide throughout your tour. The event uses the latest technology to put on an exceptional display, culminating in a pyrotechnics show.

Visitors have the chance to witness history come to life. Nothing tells a story better than visuals, which is the point of this event. By combining sound and light, the skilled pyrotechnics team weaves a captivating narrative to educate guests on the most critical aspects of this attraction and the region. It delivers an immersive experience, letting local and international tourists not only have fun but gain knowledge as well.

National Geographic called the Fort Jesus Sound and Light Multimedia event ‘world-class,’ and they weren’t wrong. Master pyrotechnician Jayshree Suchak and master projection artist Sameer Noorali put on a mind-blowing spectacle.

Proceeds from the show go towards making the heritage site less donor-dependent. The National Museums of Kenya gets a portion of the revenues earned from private and public partnerships.

See Fort Jesus at Night

Seeing the iconic structure at night, illuminated in candlelight, is nothing short of magical. The Fort Jesus Sound and Light Show include a night tour. It allows guests to envision what the building looked like at night in the early days. 600 candles and specially designed fixtures light up Fort Jesus, enabling visitors to walk around without any problem. The medieval feel of the fort at night spices up the guided tour, which lasts 60 minutes.

Depending on your needs, you can take the Night Tour alone or as part of the complete Sound and Light Show. Conclude your experience with a delicious dinner.

See Fort Jesus in all its splendor through an enchanting multimedia show. Learn the culture and heritage of Mombasa and the fort, while supporting the region’s efforts to preserve history. Look up pricing options for the Fort Jesus Sound and Light Show. The event occurs throughout the year, from Thursday to Sunday.