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How much experience do I need to be to start wildlife and landscape photography?

Over the past 10 years there have been a rapid growth in travel influencers and blogging careers and more travelers are entering into wildlife and landscape photography either as a side hustle or for contents in their social media handles and blogs.  With a longlist of attractions ranging from excellent landscapes, beautiful coastline and plenty wildlife and birding ecosystems; Africa is undoubtedly the best choice for both established and amateur photographers. In this article we are going to provides important points that will guide you through a successful photography safari in Africa.

Important points for complete beginners

If you are a complete newbie you ought to understand that photography is a…

Equipment recommendation for your photography African safari

Africa provides the exciting spots for nature photography with a lot of scenic natural features, beautiful flora and plenty of fauna and avifauna species. With photography being a serious business of speaking and listening to nature, your success as a nature photographer starts with furnishing your camera bag with all the required accessories. In this guide we shall cover some of the vital equipment you should pack for your photo safari

1.      Two camera

There is a wide range of wildlife camera options.  However, there are several factors you ought to consider when making the choice of a camera.

Must have excellent low light capabilities. This can be…

 Tips for solo traveling in East Africa

Solo traveling has its important and derailing factors. Just planning the trip will be quite strenuous. Firstly, the idea of moving alone across continents comes with a great sense of insecurity and fear of uncertainty enough to put you off. However, looking at East Africa safari there is no major challenges you will encounter concerning travel security. All you need is to perfect your safari planning to get the best fitting services. In this guide we have gathered some of the major consideration you should take whenever you are planning a solo travel in East Africa. 

#        Get the right Destination management firm/tour guide

For a solo traveler there is no…

Kenya safari budget for the elderly

Costing is the ultimate determinant of your safari experience. As a senior traveler you will be looking at the budget of a safari from an angle of both bush experience and convenience. For the elderly a good plan should make your travel less streneous.  In this guide we shall look at the best fitting budget for your Kenya safari after retirement.

Budgeting for accommodation

When it comes to accommodation you will be split between lodges and tented camps. Lodges are concrete walled structures with all the comfort you would have in your own residence back home. Tented camps on the other hand are semi-permanent canvas fashioned into rooms of different sizes….

Kenya Safari Health Advice

Kenya Safari: Health advice and safety when traveling to Kenya

Kenya is a tropical country and therefore warmer than most European and Northern Caribbean countries. This weather comes with vulnerability to certain diseases which are common to the region; some of them not so prevalent in your home country. The medical system in the country may as well not be as sophisticated as it is in Europe or Americas. Importantly, most destinations in Kenya are in remote areas where it’s hard to access specialized treatments. To remain healthy and secure you ought to have a clear plan right from the beginning. In this guide we will cover some of the steps and precautions…

East Africa safari guide for senior citizens

Having one of the most diverse scenes, East Africa is one exciting places in the world. Whether you want to go for game drives in the remote wilderness of Africa that are a sharp contrast to the more worldly-wise Europe or you just want to feel the wilderness in a walking safari; Africa will in many ways create in your memory an everlasting emblem of nature and all that it gives. Besides, Africa has numerous beach destination where you can take a break off the wilderness and enjoy moments of relaxation in a sun-kissed pristine white sand paradise.

 Senior travelling in the contest of East Africa is the same as travels for younger people…

6 best Kenya destinations for senior travelers

Kenya could be categorized as a senior traveler’s friendly destination owing to it high security standards, infrastructure and that it has the best medical facilities in the region.  In addition the country boosts over 40 bush destinations, beautiful natural formations and long stretches of white sand coastlines. As a senior traveler you will be looking at a destination with a bucket list of activities and scenes to keep you enthralled for at least 4 days or throughout your trip without having to go for multiple road transfers from a destination to another. In this guide we shall discuss some of the destinations you can pick for your next safari



Recommended Canon lenses for Africa wildlife photography.

Africa has some of the greatest photo scenes you can capture during an adventure. To get the best images you will however require a wide range of lenses in various focal lengths to fit diverse photography aspects. Whether you want that sharp headshot of a face of a lion resting on the savannah plains of Ol Pejeta conservancy or you will zoom out to capture a herd of wildebeest grazing inside one of the mara north conservancies; a good camera body and lens matters. The canon brand has been one of the best choices in the market owing to its quality camera body, speed and its wide range of telephoto and zoom lenses.


Africa safari packing

Africa safari: Packing checklist for senior citizens

Packing for an Africa safari is much alike for both senior travelers and younger travelers. The most essential thing in this case is the ability to keep the load light and still have all the essential items packed. The luggage should also be compacted and of a size you can manage to carry around at ease. It is important to note that as a senior traveler you may have to arrange for air transfer to move between destinations which may take more hours when using roads. Most internal flight limit luggage size to a maximum 15 kg further explaining the need to pack light . In…