10 Things To Do in Masai Mara

Masai Mara is one of Africa  most outstanding safari destination with top level game experiences all year round. The park is an extension of the Mara – Serengeti ecosystem famed for the great wildebeest migration which is  one of the largest overland movement in planet earth. Encompassing mostly Savannah plains with dramatic hills southwards and the flora rich Mara river cutting across from east to northwest the landscape here is quite diverse and breathtaking. Furthermore, the inviting Masai people that abodes these areas and offer the perfect opportunity to interact with one of the few African communities that has maintained traditional ways of life. In this guide we shall discuss some of the things you can engage…

Where to go for Horse Riding Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa’s best horse safari destinations giving riders the golden opportunity to move with the wildlife in the wilderness in full view of the landscape in the surrounding. Horse safaris are better than safari drives as they give rider a more profound interaction with nature as you can easily navigate off the established path to unravel some of the most desolate parts of the jungle. In most instances horse riding safaris in Tanzania take place in the private conservancies bordering some of the leading parks in the country. In this guide we shall discuss some of the places where you can go for riding safari while in Tanzania.

1.      Kilimanjaro…

Most Romantic Bush Destinations for Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is undoubtedly an ideal bush honeymoon destination with some of the most exciting natural scenes in the world and world class facilities that creates curated honeymoon plans to grant a joyous and peaceful  experiences for newlyweds. Tanzania is also close to the famous Indian islands beach destinations which has some of the world’s most favoured honeymoon locations. In this guide we shall cover some of Tanzania best honeymoon destinations considering.

  • Scenery and wildlife newly weds can experience.
  • Activities available.
  • Availability of honeymoon friendly accommodation facilities.

1.      Serengeti national park

Serengeti is not only Tanzania’s most ideal…

Best Walking Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa best safari destinations with quality game views for some of Africa most iconic wildlife and one of the best bush experience you can have. The country has 22 national parks spread out in the northern and Southern region of the country. Whereas game drives are the dominant activities in Tanzania walking safaris are increasingly becoming popular as more travelers seek to have a more intimate bush experience off the beaten paths. Walking trails in Tanzania range from multiple day fly camping for an inside-out bush experience to a camp based walk in the vicinity of your camp and then canopy boardwalk for unbroken aerial views. In this guide we shall look at…

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