Most Romantic Bush Destinations for Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is undoubtedly an ideal bush honeymoon destination with some of the most exciting natural scenes in the world and world class facilities that creates curated honeymoon plans to grant a joyous and peaceful  experiences for newlyweds. Tanzania is also close to the famous Indian islands beach destinations which has some of the world’s most favoured honeymoon locations. In this guide we shall cover some of Tanzania best honeymoon destinations considering.

  • Scenery and wildlife newly weds can experience.
  • Activities available.
  • Availability of honeymoon friendly accommodation facilities.

1.      Serengeti national park

Serengeti is not only Tanzania’s most ideal game destination but also a great choice for honeymoon safari. The park has the widest selection of honeymoon friendly accommodations providing some of the best bush experiences. Serengeti is famous for the wildebeest migration which is the most sought animal mass movement experience in planet. In the ever continuous movement over 1.2 million wildebeest, 200000 zebras and 40000 thompsons gazelles move round a 278 miles long loop across serengeti and Masai Mara in Kenya in search for fresh pasture. The herds are in different locations of serengeti for 8 months making it the most ideal destination to follow the event. Here couples on honeymoon safari can go for private game drives, walking safari, sundowning and balloon safari to get the best game experiences. Serengeti serena lodge is the best facility for honeymoon safari and has special programmes for bush traditional weddings and  activities for newlyweds.

2.      Ngorongoro crater

Believed to have  been formed 2 million years ago, Ngorongoro crater  is today the widest caldera in planet Earth that have remained intact. Ngorongoro has a rich ecosystem with running streams from the densely forested steep walls flowing into marshlands and soda lakes in the floor of the crater. The floor of the crater is dominantly Savannah plains. For millennia different fauna and avian species  dwelled in the crater making it one of the most outstanding big game destinations of Africa. Lake Magadi, a small soda lake inside the main crater, and empakaai, a dyke crater closeby the main crater, features some of the most alluring flamingo scenes in Tanzania. Here guests on honeymoon safaris are treated to a lifetime experience through extensive game drives and walking trails. Ngorongoro serena lodge is the most ideal honeymoon accommodation. The facility is perfectly on the crater rim offering a touchdown view of the floor in the lowlands.  The honeymoon suiteis  secluded and has a crater facing deck where you and your partner can enjoy some peaceful private moments. There are honeymoon and wedding planning specialist on site to organize for room decorations, Masai dances and private bush brunch/ lunch for couples in a well appointed location in the surrounding bushlands.

3.      Lake Manyara

Despite being small in terms of Area coverage, Lake Manyara National park has one of the most diverse and highly rewarding bush attractions. The lake is one of Tanzania most important waterbird areas hosting large quantities flamingo and shoreline birds. The adjacent park also features flora rich swathes of Savannah grasslands which are dwelling for major wildlife like giraffes, elephants, lions, buffaloes, and zebras. The Manyara highlands on the escarpments of the Gregory valley are majorly dense tropical forest that are home to Africa largest baboon population. Here couples on honeymoon safaris can go for private safari drives, shoreline walk ,treetop board walk and canoe riding to derive full advantage of their stay in the park. Here Lake Manyara Serena lodge and Lake Manyara tree lodge are the most ideal facilities for a honeymoon safari. The facilities has honeymoon suite secluded from other units to offer maximum privacy. Room decorations can be catered for on prior arrangements.

4.      Rubondo island

Rubondo island is a tropical rainforest island in Lake Victoria, a freshwater lake to the north western border of Tanzania with Kenya and Uganda. The island is the perfect place for newly weds who are seeking a peaceful and unspoilt location in Africa. The bush vibe here is quite inspiring. Importantly, Rubondo island was initially started as a rehabilitation area for animals mostly primates rescued from the Congo rain forest. Though the project was never successful there are impressive numbers of survivor primates and other wildlife like elephants that dwell in the area. Here the Rubondo Island camp is the only accommodation facility. The camp has just 8 tented accommodations which means there are fewer people visiting the 25, 000 acres island. Rubondo Island camp also has a spacious and luxurious honeymoon suite  set on the edge of the lake and secluded from the camp main area. Here guests on honeymoon safari enjoy well contemplated room decorations to match your desire, sunset cocktail served in your private deck  and a romantic private forest walk in foray for wildlife and flowers.

5.       Tarangire

Tarangire is situated to the south of Serengeti and Ngorongoro in the central Tanzania region. Though the park largely remains unexplored the incredibly alluring large swathes of Savannah augmented by ancient Baobab trees and red anthills form a perfect intimate location where newlyweds would build multitude memories of Africa. The park is particularly famous for the annual wildlife migration where thousands of animals, mostly elephants, congregate on the flora rich floodplains along the seasonal Tarangire River over the dry period. The animals come from as far as Lake Manyara in the north forming one of the largest multitudes of wildlife in Africa. Here couples on honeymoon safari can go for private safari drives, hot air balloon safaris, and walking safaris. Tarangire Tree lodge is the most ideal accommodation for a honeymoon safari. Wound upon a magnificent baobab tree seemingly hanging, the honeymoon suite is remarkably designed to evoke joyous memories of Africa through out your stay. The unit has a raised wooden floor with extensive deck area facing the Savannah plains. Here you couples has an opportunity to go out for a romantic evening sun downers ritual at a secluded location in the sunset hills where they will be served a mouth-coating cocktail as the sun sinks into the horizons.

6.      Ruaha

Ruaha is on the southern region and is mostly long grass Savannah plains studded by thick bushes. The park is home to the largest antelope population you can meet while in Tanzania. The park is also abodes on the largest predators population mostly lions and spotted hyenas. Great Ruaha river tjhsat cut across the park is the dominant feature in the park and inspires extensive flora rich riverine basin decorated by extensive soggy sandbanks. Boat cruising down the river display some exciting wildlife scenes on the riversides. Ruaha river lodge is the most ideal accommodation for honeymoon safari in the park. Here newlyweds can spend some moment in their private deck on the edge of the river where there stunning sights of wildlife and birds on the sand banks. Honeymooners can as well embarked on a candle lit bush dinner in the wilderness.

7.      Selous

Selous is the largest protected area in Africa  encompassing over 21000 square miles of wilderness. The park is just 240 km from Dar es salaam and is one of the few destinations in Tanzania that can be accessed by road from the beach holiday destinations of Zanzibar. Selous is known for the magical river Rufiji that forms the backbone of the vast ecosystem. Irrespective of its vastness only a few tourists visit the park creating profound serenity ideal for newlyweds to have that ‘out of Africa’ experience. Here couples have better opportunities to go for safari drives or walking safari in a detailed and desolated style. Selous Serena camp is the most ideal honeymoon safari accommodation in the park. Nestled at a forested site at the heart of the park, Selous Serena places newly wed at he centre of nature and all that it holds. To offer guests best experience for their honeymoon the facility offer special services like welcome fruits and flower, a private bush meals by the sandbanks of river Rufiji and honeymoon breakfast in bed.


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