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Tips For Organizing A Dream Honeymoon Safari In Kenya

Tips for Organising a Dream Safari Honeymoon in Kenya

The perfect honeymoon safari takes work to plan, and if it’s your first time, then expect a lot of stress. Combined with the strain of planning all the other minute wedding details, honeymoon preparations can quickly go awry. One minute you are deciding that a bush holiday in Kenya is the best idea, and the next you are canceling all plans because you didn’t cover everything. What a waste.

So, why not learn everything about organizing a romantic safari to avoid a few common mistakes? Honeymooning in Kenya is one of the best decisions you will ever make. The country caters to an array of needs.

Nonetheless, you still have to be careful with the preparations. After all, you want this experience to be a magical one for both of you. Explorer Kenya has put together several dozen honeymoon tours and knows how daunting the entire process can be. Therefore, we decided to compile a few insights to save you some of the work.

Start Planning Your Dream Honeymoon Safari Early

Don’t commit the error of leaving your honeymoon decisions for the last minute. Admittedly, it’s easy to fall into that temptation. With all the details concerning the ceremony, it might look like a good idea to handle those first. However, that move could end up costing you the entire trip.

What if you realize at the last moment your vaccinations to travel to Kenya are not up to speed? How about failing to secure reservations to the lodge you want because you waited too long? Hence, avoid such inconveniences by beginning the preparations early. Plan your romantic getaway and wedding simultaneously.

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Plan Together Your Honeymoon Safari

The perfect honeymoon should tick both your boxes. For that, you have to be a team during the organization. Even if one person is handling the nitty-gritty, the partner should always give their opinions. You wouldn’t want to design an itinerary that only serves your needs. If one of you has already been to Kenya, then make sure your honeymoon is a new experience as a couple.

Obtain Professional Help

If you are going to keep everything on track, you require assistance. An experienced tour operator is a good investment. The experts can take care of everything about the safari honeymoon, leaving you free to deal with the minutiae of the wedding.

You only have to tell the operator what you need from the trip. Explain the experience you are hoping for and the places you would like to see. A tour operator like Explorer Kenya can also advise you on a few extras that would make your holiday a cherished adventure.

Get Different Opinions on your honeymoon safari

Conduct sufficient research to help you plan a personalized itinerary. Learn how to book the best hotels or lodges in Kenya, source ideas on how to get the most from your romantic safari, and everything else you should know. Most importantly, though, talk to people with experience.

Ask colleagues, family, or friends who have been to Kenya or even Africa what to expect. A few well-informed suggestions can help you organize an unforgettable honeymoon.

Know the Best Time To Go on the honeymoon safari

A huge plus side of holidaying in Kenya is the beautiful weather. Due to its location on the equator, various destinations are good to visit all year round. Rather than winter and summer, the region has wet and dry seasons.

So, when planning a romantic safari, you have to consider the most opportune time of year. Your preferred destination will determine this. For example, if you are planning a beach honeymoon to Malindi, July to October and December to February (dry seasons) is the best time.

Game viewing, hiking, and mountain climbing are other activities you can plan for this period. Proper timing lets you enjoy the different wonders the country offers. For this reason, it might not be possible to schedule a honeymoon immediately after the wedding.

Pace Yourself

If your Kenyan honeymoon tour is right after the big day, then start slow. The exhaustion from the wedding and the journey can make it hard to cherish your getaway. So, begin with relaxation.

Take the first day to do as little as possible. For instance, you can sleep in, breakfast leisurely before seeing a few sights. Give your body time to rejuvenate before going rock climbing in Tsavo West or climbing Mount Kenya.

Maybe Include Friends and Family?

Yes, this sounds a bit odd, but hear us out. What if you made your Kenyan safari a group affair? Imagine visiting the wilderness with your best friends or family members or taking young ones on unique adventure tours. This trip could be a chance for your inner circle to bond.

They don’t have to join you right away, though. You can have a couple of days as newlyweds, then include the rest of the group later. A tour operator like Explorer Kenya can help you plan a group safari promptly. Thus, you wouldn’t have to fret too much about the logistics.

Whether your dream honeymoon is a few days enjoying the Kenyan coast or a thrilling adventure in the wilderness; a luxury or budget affair, ensure it’s a seamless experience. Plan a honeymoon safari that you will look back on fondly years down the line.