A dream safari takes a lot of planning, and transportation is one crucial arrangement you have to make. Rather than buy a ready-made tour to an East African destination, you can decide to have an individually-curated tour, which requires you to rent a safari vehicle.

4×4 Land Cruisers are the most popular transport option for safaris. Explorer Kenya has an extensive fleet of well-maintained Land Cruisers that are perfect for a host of tours. You can hire a 4×4 in Kenya and Tanzania for 5 or more people. Our rental services include a skilled and experienced drivdriver-guideer guide.

When it comes to renting a safari vehicle, our selling points should not be the only determinants. 4×4 Land Cruisers are preferred for travel for various reasons.

Go Off the Beaten Track

An enriching safari experience doesn’t require you to stick to popular spots. You can opt for remote, lesser-known locations. With a 4×4 Land Cruiser, you can go just about anywhere. Since it’s a four-wheel drive, the vehicle can handle rough terrains with no problems.

The Land Cruiser is specially designed for some of the harsh East African roads you might encounter. A high suspension ensures you can clear rugged paths with no damage. So, you can be confident about smooth rides despite how challenging the roads are.

When going off-road, you have to prepare adequately to prevent nasty surprises during your trip. A Land Cruiser rental is the best way to do that. It comes with a high fuel capacity, allowing for uninterrupted trips. Explorer Kenya also equips its Land Cruisers with two spare tires. Therefore, you can venture into the unknown without worrying about your vehicle disappointing you along the way.

Journey in Comfort

If you are going to hire a vehicle to take you around various attractions, then you want to make sure it’s as comfortable as one can be on safari. The Land Cruiser is large, thus providing a spacious interior, whatever the passenger count.

Customized safari vans have extended chassis, which offer plenty of legroom to stretch. When on a long journey, and want to take a nap, the reclining seats make sure you don’t wake up with a stiff neck. You also have enough space to keep your essentials.

Enjoy Magical Views

Perhaps the biggest sell of the safari Land Cruiser is the ability to see attractions without stepping outside. Except in an 8-seater, every vehicle provides each passenger with a sliding window. It means you can view wildlife and the scenery from the comfort of your seat.

Alternatively, you can use the pop-up roof to get 360-degree views. When the vehicle is parked at a vantage point, the open space at the top lets you take in everything from a safe distance. It is also perfect for wildlife photographers. You can set up your equipment on the roof for unobstructed shots. The sunroof is big enough to accommodate three to four people, depending on the vehicle size.

For photo tours, you can hire customized Land Cruisers featuring canvas windows. The windows can stay up during drives, enabling you to photograph different scenes. You can also zip down the canvas when it rains, gets too hot, or is too dusty.

Bring Along What You Need

The Safari Land Cruiser has a lot of cargo space, making it perfect for camping, mountain climbing and hiking trips. If your tour requires you to carry various items, like climbing gear, photography equipment, or camping essentials, then you need a vehicle with plenty of storage.

With the 4×4, you can bring whatever the trip necessitates without worrying about where to keep it. So, you don’t have an excuse not to carry the right gear for your Mt. Kenya climbing trip.

A Land Cruiser hire from Explorer Kenya comes with a trained drive guide who is bound to add a special touch to your safari. Our drivers are exceptionally well-trained and experienced guides. So, you get two professionals in one. They know where in different destinations to stop for those captivating views.

A driver-guide can also help you find the best locations, depending on your tour. For example, if you wish to photograph landscapes, your driver knows the most interesting spots to take you. Besides our friendly driver guides, we can bundle other services with your vehicle rental.

If you need help putting an itinerary together, then we can help. We can also handle any other arrangements necessary for your trip, like hotel bookings. Planning a safari when you don’t know where to start can be traumatic, but it shouldn’t be when you can turn to Explorer Kenya.