Things to do in the Diani (south coast)  

Diani is Kenya top beach destination and one of the most sought after in Africa . The coastline set to the south of Mombasa is famed for incredible silvery white sand natural charm, top end beach resorts and a wide varieties of water sporting activities. In this guide we shall share some of the fun and activities you can engage while in the south coast beach.  


  1. Relaxing in the white sand coastline  

The most obvious thing you will engage in while in Mombasa is relaxing in your seaside bed set between picturesque grove of palm trees and with full view of the endless azure seas. A book to read or just watching the sailing dhows at a distance  merged with the serene environment and quintessential warm tropical climate are enough to see the sun set off. Alternatively, you can spend some moment strolling along the coastline.  

 Go diving  

Kisite Marine park situated 50 km south of Diani is one of divers favorite spots. Whether you are for snorkeling or scuba diving the marine park has a lot of underwater spectacle for you to uncover. The reef has three coral rags that boast an ecosystem of alluring sea fishes and fascinating underwater gardens. There is a gentle wall that descends to the deep sea where scuba divers can go down to a depth of 45 meters. The Kisite deep sea has sights of ship wrecks which has turned to a dwelling for a large number of under water creatures. 

 Go for a half day glass bottomed boat ride.  

Glass bottomed boat offer the easiest way to watch the marine life if you are not for scuba and snorkeling dives. In voyage you will cruise through some of the most beautiful coral gardens in Mombasa and enjoy the scenes of sea creatures and corals of different colors. You may also have a glimpse of the humpback whales rippling from the water if you are travelling in the migration season.  

Sky diving 

You can pick the thrilling experience jumping from 12000 feets on a parachute along the coastline. This will be the best opportunity to have a bird eye view of the picturesque beach and surrounding tropical forest. The jump could be an experience for experienced sky divers or starters and the weather is always favorable. There are instructors who will give you the necessarily inductions for your first jump.  

 Jet skiing  

Enjoy the thrilling experience riding through the open seas amidst incredible view of rippling whales and dolphin. Unlike in the west where jet skies are expensive and requires riding licenses, Diani is a beginner’s destination where you can embark on the ventures with basic skills. Water sport school aqualand which is situated along the diani strips offer the best Jet skies classes for complete beginners. 

 Go kitesurfing  

Diani is a popular kite surfing destination in the East Africa region. The coastline has two wind seasons Kusi, or southern ocean wind that blow from April to September and kaskaz or northern ocean wind that blow from Jan to March. The wind is very stable with strength ranging from 20 knots to 25 knots. Here there are kitesurfing classes making it an ideal choice for beginners 

Camel ride 

Camels are a common mode of transportation along the Kenyan coast. In your trip to Diani you can enjoy a bumpy ride through the extensive white sand strip towering at about 3 m.  Ride will give a thrilling experience with a greater vintage view of the sea the coastline and surrounding flora.  

Go for a walking trail in Kaya kinondo sacred forest  

Kaya forest is one of the few remaining coastal forests along the East Africa coast line. The forest was once a home to the Mijikenda communities who lived in organized homesteads called Kaya, which explains the origin of the forest name. Today the forest is highly revered by the Mijikenda community as a sacred forest making a significant cultural feature. The walk will lead to an incredible natural paradise with sights of some of the rarest plant species as well as old indigenous trees dating over 100 years.  

Embark on a Mombasa city tour  

Mombasa Island old town is one of the UNESCO protected world heritage centers for its rich history and cultural significance. An afternoon escape to the town will lead to some of the most important sites in the Kenyan coast among them fort Jesus a fortress that was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. It will also be quite interesting to walk around the narrow streets of the relatively conserved ancient town enjoying the sights of alluring Arabic and Swahili architecture as you meet some of the local people. You can as well take a swahili meal at one of the restaurants in the island.  

 Go canoeing at the Kongo estuary  

The Kongo estuary is where River Kongo meet up with the Indian Ocean. River Kongo form the dividing line between Tiwi and Diani beach. The estuary is a calm and desolated floral rich section of the coastal strip where you can relax and contemplate about nature or simply embark on a canoeing trip up the river. Kongo estuary is particularly an important bird area and you will be lucky to encounter some as you canoe or walk along the river bank. 

 Visit the Kongo mosque  

Kongo mosque is believed to be the oldest mosque in the East Africa region having been built in the 14th century. The mosque was built into a beautiful coral stone walled Swahili architecture that best depict the evolution of civilization in the eastern African coast. The old Persian mosque is named after ‘Swaddiq Kongo’ a muslim faithful who is said to have been buried at the site.   

 Take an ancient dhow tour to wasini island  

The dhows were introduced as a mean of transport in the Indian seas by the Arab traders hundreds of years ago. The dhow transport has since been adopted by local communities as a mode of transport when moving to remote islands near the coastline. Taking a sunset cruise towards the wasini island will lead to picturesque view of the sun disk descending the ocean horizon amidst profound calmness of the seas. Importantly, wasini island is a remote island off shimoni harbor to the south of Diani beach and is mainly inhibited by the Bantu speaking Vumba people who are quite welcoming.  

 Go for a day trip to shimba hills 

Shimba national reserve is the most accessible national park from Diani situated just 30 km from the coastal strip. The sanctuary is set in a series of hills on the coastline and boast some of the most photogenic vegetation scenes you can have while on a safari. Shimba is reknown for having the highest density of African elephants in Kenya. The park is also the only place in East Africa where you can sight sable antelopes.  Other major wildlife include giraffes, elephants and bush pigs. Besides game drives guests visiting the park can engage in hiking activities which include summiting the hills and trekking to the sheldrick waterfall an alluring cascade set in a remote setting inside the forest.