Historical sites you should visit in the Kenyan coast 

The Kenyan coast has one of the oldest civilizations in the east Africa region for its longstanding contacts with the outside world going to over 1000 years ago. The rich heritage is best represented by a wide range of landmark building some central to the people culture to date. In this guide we shall cover some of the most remarkable places you could visit and learn the interesting evolution of the civilization which is a mix of Arabic, Swahili and European culture. 

Fort Jesus  

Fort Jesus is the most iconic building in Mombasa old town. The fortress was built in 1593 under the instructions of then Portuguese King Philip I following the conquest of the Kenyan coast….

Historical places you must visit while in Zanzibar –

Besides being a top beach destination, Zanzibar has one of the oldest civilizations in Africa. For its strategic location along the Indian trade route, Zanzibar had for along time been exposed to the outside world and which would lead to colonization by Arabic and European. The rich history is well documented in writings and historical sites spread out in different locations of the archipelago mainly the main Unguja island. In this guide we shall cover some of the historical sites.  

 Ngome Kongwe/ Old fort  

Also known as the arab fort, the old fort is a magnificent and imposing ancient structure that was built by Busaida arab dynasty in 1698- 1701 after gaining control of the archipelago…

Things to do in the Diani (south coast)  

Diani is Kenya top beach destination and one of the most sought after in Africa . The coastline set to the south of Mombasa is famed for incredible silvery white sand natural charm, top end beach resorts and a wide varieties of water sporting activities. In this guide we shall share some of the fun and activities you can engage while in the south coast beach.  


  1. Relaxing in the white sand coastline  

The most obvious thing you will engage in while in Mombasa is relaxing in your seaside bed set between picturesque grove of palm trees and with full view of the endless azure seas. A book to read…

Cultural Tours in Tanzania

Tanzania has some of Africa best preserved traditional cultures often represented in lifestyles and architectural work that has remained unspoilt for thousands of years. Tanzania has over 120 tribes making it one of the most diverse nations in the world. The country is particularly famous for its strong Swahili and Arabic culture in the countries coastline and in the semi autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar. In this guide we shall cover some of the cultural tours you can take while on holiday in the country.

1.      Masai village visit while in Serengeti and Ngorongoro

The Masai are semi-nomadic Nilotic speaking community that occupy the northern section of Tanzania great rift valley…

Best Cultural Tours in Kenya

Kenya like most countries in Africa has diverse cultures with over 40 ethnic groups. The rich culture has been best preserved in traditional practices and monuments that have lived on for centuries. The Masai people, who has one of the world most famous cultures, has for hundred of years dominated the southern plains of Kenya which today abodes some of Africa most well known game sanctuaries. In some places the community has paved way for conservation choosing to live harmoniously with the wildlife which is why you have a great chance to encounter Masai tribesmen during your safari. In this guide we are going to cover some of the cultural tours you can pick for an authentic…

A complete guide for Nairobi Safari walk

This is one of the major attractions in Nairobi set out in Langata near Kenya wildlife services headquarters and Nairobi National park. The safari walk is a zoo of its kind where different wildlife varieties found in Kenya are caged in expansive fenced area of their individual natural habitats. A visit to nairobi safari walk is an opportunity to experience all that the kenyan wildernesses has to offer  in just 1 hr. Here the boardwalk is set high to offer a great view of the animals.

Nairobi safari walk step by step

The Nairobi safari walk is a boardwalking escapade taking you through a 27 acres area of 3 distinct ecosystems….