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The Conduct of an Ethical Wildlife Photographer

Pictures of animals and nature are useful in showcasing the magnificence of different environments that not many people get to see. A photo safari to Kenya, Rwanda, or Tanzania is a chance to capture unique moments and features.

Sharing the pictures you take on photo tours is an excellent way to increase exposure to a particular destination. You can also create awareness of the dangers facing wildlife in various regions. For some people, photo expeditions are simply another hobby.

Whatever category you fall into, one aspect to keep in mind at all times is to be ethical. Some photographers forget they are operating in a natural setting that should be respected….

The 8 Top Rules of Wildlife Photography

If you are planning a photography safari, it’s only fair you get beautiful snapshots. It would be a shame to travel to the Serengeti in Tanzania, Amboseli in Kenya, or Lake Mburo in Uganda, then fail to take quality shots.

Photographing wildlife is tricky because your subjects won’t cooperate, spook easily and could even attack you. If you are an amateur photographer, then get ready for some challenging times. You could have the best equipment and still end up with lackluster images that you can’t show to anyone.

All is not lost, though. A few tricks can help you take stunning pictures you can proudly showcase to anyone who listens. Below…

Seeing kenya through the lens. The basics of a photography tour

Kenya is a magical place. It’s one of the most naturally diverse destinations in Africa. It offers contrasting landscapes that range from arid deserts with decades-old acacia to riverine forests shrouded in fog to exquisite sandy beaches. So, it’s almost a disservice for any photographer not to consider Kenya for photography tours.

Whether you are a complete amateur or veteran photographer, you can find the perfect subjects for your stills in the East African nation. Photo safaris in Kenya allow you to capture the soul of the land in various settings. Photograph some splendid sights like a million wildebeest migrating across the Masai Mara, elephants covered in red-dust bathing in the Galana River in…