planning a Kenya Safari

The Conduct of an Ethical Wildlife Photographer

Pictures of animals and nature are useful in showcasing the magnificence of different environments that not many people get to see. A photo safari to Kenya, Rwanda, or Tanzania is a chance to capture unique moments and features.

Sharing the pictures you take on photo tours is an excellent way to increase exposure to a particular destination. You can also create awareness of the dangers facing wildlife in various regions. For some people, photo expeditions are simply another hobby.

Whatever category you fall into, one aspect to keep in mind at all times is to be ethical. Some photographers forget they are operating in a natural setting that should be respected….

Valuable Insights for Travelling During Peak Season

December to January and June to October are some of the best times to tour East Africa. Whether you wish to visit Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, or Rwanda, this time is perfect for many adventures. From basking in the late December sun at the beach; to see the Great Migration; to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, these seasons have something for everyone.

Because these are dry seasons in various regions, a majority of attractions are open. Therefore, you have an array of alternatives for your itinerary. 

Peak tourist seasons also provide numerous events. Another advantage of taking a trip this time of year is that the large crowds offer opportunities to meet people from…

How to Plan A Fun Kenyan Adventure Holiday

Going for an adventure safari in Kenya might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or not. Either way, it has to be exceptional. You don’t want to return from your trip hoping you did more. Without adequate preparations, even the simplest getaway can turn into a disaster. Imagine getting stuck halfway through your hiking tour because you didn’t bring enough supplies.

Adventure safaris in Kenya attract a lot of attention because the country offers incredible opportunities for thrill-seekers. Whatever your idea of fun is, whether it’s sailing in the Indian Ocean or exploring the Aberdares, make sure you take full advantage. For that, you need to think about a few things.

Some adventurers…