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Tips on surfing in Mombasa: top sites, conditions and when to go  

Mombasa is one of the popular wind surfing and kit surfing destination in Africa for its stable winds and  warm tropical waters. Whether you are surfing from the north coast beaches or the south coast beaches, Mombasa has some incredible wind swells that gives wave riders the desired thrilling experience. The presence of some flat water lagoons also make the 536 km long stretch of the coastline a perfect hide away for kite surfers. In this guide we shall cover some of the most ideal surfing destination in Mombasa north and south coast, conditions and when to go.  

 Wind surfing and kite surfing conditions in Mombasa 

Mombasa is ideally one of the…

  • top-5-big-cat-destinations-in-tanzania
  • top-5-big-cat-destinations-in-tanzania
  • top-5-big-cat-destinations-in-tanzania

Top 5 big cat destinations in Tanzania 

Tanzania is undoubtedly Africa top big cat destination. The country boasts the world’s largest lion population with over close to 15000 of the 23000 global population found in the country. The country also boasts a healthy population of cheetah, leopard and less common golden cat. In this guide we shall cover some of the top locations in Tanzania where you can find these interesting animals and possibly encounter a hunting scene.  

  1. Serengeti national park 

Serengeti is the most sought after and the oldest game park in Tanzania. The park is home to the fascinating Serengeti migration which is the world largest overland migration. The park is also home to…