Most Romantic Bush Destinations for Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is undoubtedly an ideal bush honeymoon destination with some of the most exciting natural scenes in the world and world class facilities that creates curated honeymoon plans to grant a joyous and peaceful  experiences for newlyweds. Tanzania is also close to the famous Indian islands beach destinations which has some of the world’s most favoured honeymoon locations. In this guide we shall cover some of Tanzania best honeymoon destinations considering.

  • Scenery and wildlife newly weds can experience.
  • Activities available.
  • Availability of honeymoon friendly accommodation facilities.

1.      Serengeti national park

Serengeti is not only Tanzania’s most ideal…

Best Walking Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa best safari destinations with quality game views for some of Africa most iconic wildlife and one of the best bush experience you can have. The country has 22 national parks spread out in the northern and Southern region of the country. Whereas game drives are the dominant activities in Tanzania walking safaris are increasingly becoming popular as more travelers seek to have a more intimate bush experience off the beaten paths. Walking trails in Tanzania range from multiple day fly camping for an inside-out bush experience to a camp based walk in the vicinity of your camp and then canopy boardwalk for unbroken aerial views. In this guide we shall look at…

Places to go for family safaris in Kenya

Kenya is East Africa’s best destination for family travels with a wider scope of family friendly lodges and most of the major attractions situated 1- 6 hrs drive from the major airports.

Importantly, most destinations in Kenya have a variety of age specific activities to enhance the experience for all. In this guide we will share some of the attractions that best fit a family   safari in Kenya.

1.   Nairobi National park

Nairobi National park is Kenya’s best destination for family safaris. Set inside Nairobi city, tourists seeking this accommodation has the widest scope of family friendly accommodations to choose. The park is also the only major…

Family safari destinations in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the leading safari destination in Africa known for its large unspoilt national park that carries a flawless feel of nature and all it has to offer. The world’s oldest national park, Serengeti, is situated in the northern region of the country and is famed for the great wildebeest migration one of the most famous overland migration. With a lot to offer in bush experience, Tanzania is undoubtedly one of the best picks for families seeking to get the wildest travel memories .

Though the country does not have adequate accommodation facility to support family safaris, in this guide we shall cover some of the places you can pick and get…

Top family safari accommodations in Serengeti National park

Known to be the oldest national park in the world featuring some of the greatest game view in the planet and unending scenes of migratory animals, serengeti has a lot to offer for a family seeking a top notch safari experience. Like most safari destinations in East Africa, serengeti mostly encompasses swathes of immaculate and remote wilderness; an authentic representation of safari travels. Most of the accommodation facilities are made of canvas and designed without much consideration of family travel especially for young couple with kids. Some even prohibiting travelers with kids. Importantly, Serengeti is not as family friendly as Masai Mara and you will have fewer options to pick especially when you are travelling with underage.  …

 Tips for solo traveling in East Africa

Solo traveling has its important and derailing factors. Just planning the trip will be quite strenuous. Firstly, the idea of moving alone across continents comes with a great sense of insecurity and fear of uncertainty enough to put you off. However, looking at East Africa safari there is no major challenges you will encounter concerning travel security. All you need is to perfect your safari planning to get the best fitting services. In this guide we have gathered some of the major consideration you should take whenever you are planning a solo travel in East Africa. 

#        Get the right Destination management firm/tour guide

For a solo traveler there is no…

Why You Should Hire a 4×4 Land Cruiser for Your Safari

A dream safari takes a lot of planning, and transportation is one crucial arrangement you have to make. Rather than buy a ready-made tour to an East African destination, you can decide to have an individually-curated tour, which requires you to rent a safari vehicle.

4×4 Land Cruisers are the most popular transport option for safaris. Explorer Kenya has an extensive fleet of well-maintained Land Cruisers that are perfect for a host of tours. You can hire a 4×4 in Kenya and Tanzania for 5 or more people. Our rental services include a skilled and experienced drivdriver-guideer guide.

When it comes to renting a safari vehicle, our selling points should not be…

The Only Guide to a Dream Honeymoon Safari in Kenya

Wherever the bar is in your romantic relationship, a honeymoon demands you take it a notch higher. Getting away together to celebrate your union might not be the first time you travel as a couple, but it is unique. You are celebrating the beginning of a new stage in your life. Naturally, it must be exceptional. So, your honeymoon has to be memorable in all the right ways. Picking a destination is one of the hardest parts of planning a romantic holiday, and if you are here, half the job is done.

Kenya is a top honeymoon destination in Africa, thanks to its diverse offerings. Whether you hope for a quiet time in the…

What To Pack On Safari: The Ultimate Tourist’s Guide

Heading away on safari is an exciting opportunity to see animals in the wild and experience an entirely different culture. But it is important to pack the correct clothing, items, and equipment to ensure your experience goes as smoothly as possible. This all starts with your main luggage and carry-on baggage. Below, we outline some important packing aspects to consider when travelling on safari.

Plastic bags

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Be aware that plastic bags are outlawed in Kenya. This law was passed in August 2017 and is unforced quite strictly. Be…