Mt Longonot hiking guide

Mt Longonot is a cone shaped volcano in Kenya’s central rift valley just 74 km to the northwest of Nairobi and 95 km south east of Nakuru. The name ‘longonot’ come from a masai word, ‘oloonong’ot’ which means ‘steep ridges’. The volcano having lastly erupted in 1863 is now dormant. The mountain most impressive feature is the large caldera near its peak. The caldera measures 1.8  and is its floor is mainly a dense rainforest. The mountain also has several parasitic cones, some of which are still perfectly shaped, which give evidence of volcanic activities having taken place just a few hundreds of years ago. The peak on the mountain is at 2780 m a.s.l. The mountain…

10 Best hiking trails in Kenya

Kenya is one of the best hiking destinations, with the great rift valley cutting across living towering escarpments and its high soaring volcanoes spread out in different parts of the country. The country is also a birdwatchers paradise and hikers enjoy a prolific bird life during their trails. Below are some of popular trail in the country.

1.     Mt Kenya hike- The highest peak in the country

Towering at 5199 m a.s.l mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro. The mountain is ideal for hikers who would like to embark on a technical but surmountable climb. The mountain boast incredible mountain…

Aberdares hiking guide

Aberdares mountains are volcanic range set 150 km from Nairobi on the edge of the rift valley near central Kenya. Aberdare has the third highest peak in Kenya after Mt Kenya and Mt Elgon. Though the mountain doesn’t feature the incredible tarns and the glaciers found in Mt Kenya, Aberdare has some incredible features, like valleys and rocky outcrops. The mountain has 3 alpine habitat zones: rainforests, bamboo forests and moorlands. With the trails to the peaks of the mountain range requiring just a single day to summit, Aberdares is a good start for hikers preparing for hikes in Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro. The Aberdare mountain ranges have 6 peaks, each of them having its own trails…

A guide to climbing Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya is a shield volcano situated along the equator (0.1521° S, 37.3084° E) in the central part of Kenya. The mountain has an elevation of 5199 metres a.s.l making it the second highest peak in Africa after Kilimanjaro. Believed to have erupted over 3 million years ago, Mount Kenya is a dormant volcano and has one collapsed central vent. Mt. Kenya can be classified as more challenging climb when comparing with Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  However, the mountain has more stunning features and scenery to be witnessed along the trails. These include glacier lakes, a wide variety of floral, wildlife and natural formations. Whereas over 35, 000 hikers attempt to summit Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya only has…

Masai Mara 10 Best Camps and Lodges for Honeymoon Safari

With breathtaking wildlife experiences, diverse and alluring landscape and swathes of enchantingly immaculate savannah wilderness, Masai Mara is the ideal pick for newly weds who would like to enjoy honeymoon in an escape to some of the remotest and incredibly spellbinding parts of Africa . To enhance the experiences some of the camps in the greater Mara has put up features that would make your honeymoon more memorable and life changing.  Most of these facilities has a honeymoon suite set in a isolated location with own staffs to offer the  seclusion you and your partner deserve. With these accommodations most of the bush activities are also private allowing honeymooners to enjoy the wilderness in their most deserved…

Kenya safari cost guide

Kenya is the birthplace of the word ‘safari’ which represents adventure tourism into places where iconic wildlife and birds scenes inhabits incredibly immaculate wildernesses. Planning a Kenya safari requires prudence to create lasting memories of the destinations you are visiting and in the most befitting budget. Importantly , Kenya is not the place to acquire that top level comfort with most of the facilities being made of canvas, park roads dusty and inadequate basic infrastructures like clean water and reliable electric power. But the experience will always stand out as an authentic feel of nature and all that it holds. Whenever you are planning for a safari the first thing that will always hit your mind is…

A complete guide for Nairobi Safari walk

This is one of the major attractions in Nairobi set out in Langata near Kenya wildlife services headquarters and Nairobi National park. The safari walk is a zoo of its kind where different wildlife varieties found in Kenya are caged in expansive fenced area of their individual natural habitats. A visit to nairobi safari walk is an opportunity to experience all that the kenyan wildernesses has to offer  in just 1 hr. Here the boardwalk is set high to offer a great view of the animals.

Nairobi safari walk step by step

The Nairobi safari walk is a boardwalking escapade taking you through a 27 acres area of 3 distinct ecosystems….

What to consider when choosing a Kenya honeymoon safari package

Kenya is one of the world’s famous destinations carrying a unique mixture of beach holidays and popular bush attractions. Whether you are planning to spend the entire honeymoon in the stunningly beautiful white sand beaches or you want to also have a visit to the off beaten greater Mara region characterized by thousands of migrating wildebeest as an add on to your beach holiday; Kenya carries the unusually heartwarming sights that leads up to great memories about Africa. Choosing a honeymoon package may however prove to be quite a hard task. Notably, most travel agents offer their clients the freedom to tailor make their dream honeymoon plan at destinations of choice. Below is a short guide of…

Where to spend your honeymooon in Kenya

Kenya has some of the most romantic places you can choose for your getaway honeymoon. With its beautiful sceneries held in serene isolations, strikingly stunning white sand beaches, beautiful water bird scenes and plenty wildlife that keeps the wilderness a dramatic set of life and death; Kenya is undoubtedly the place to create the unforgettable memories. A honeymoon safari in kenya is enhanced by the exclusivity and romantic ambience it give depending on the choice of destinations and hotels you make. Here is a comprehensive honeymoon guide covering most exquisite places in Kenya where you can spend your moments of bonding with your partner.

Manda bay island

The idyllic and romantically…

Places to go for family safaris in Kenya

Kenya is East Africa’s best destination for family travels with a wider scope of family friendly lodges and most of the major attractions situated 1- 6 hrs drive from the major airports.

Importantly, most destinations in Kenya have a variety of age specific activities to enhance the experience for all. In this guide we will share some of the attractions that best fit a family   safari in Kenya.

1.   Nairobi National park

Nairobi National park is Kenya’s best destination for family safaris. Set inside Nairobi city, tourists seeking this accommodation has the widest scope of family friendly accommodations to choose. The park is also the only major…