Birding in Masai Mara

Masai Mara is undoubtedly Kenya richest ecological area that successfully sustains large quantities of flora, fauna and avifauna within its 1510 square kilometres area. The entire greater Mara region that encompasses the main reserve and privately owned Mara North conservancies has over 510 recorded migratory and local bird species. The parks strong biodiversity features an array of ornithological hotspot where you can sight birds adapted to uniquely different habitats. Among the mara birds are 7 globally threatened species i.e jackson’s windowbird, lesser kestrel, Madagascar pond heron, grey crested helmet shrike, corncrake, pallid harrier and red throated tit. Quite a good number of species are common occurrence and can easily be spotted on a normal game drive with…

 Tips for solo traveling in East Africa

Solo traveling has its important and derailing factors. Just planning the trip will be quite strenuous. Firstly, the idea of moving alone across continents comes with a great sense of insecurity and fear of uncertainty enough to put you off. However, looking at East Africa safari there is no major challenges you will encounter concerning travel security. All you need is to perfect your safari planning to get the best fitting services. In this guide we have gathered some of the major consideration you should take whenever you are planning a solo travel in East Africa. 

#        Get the right Destination management firm/tour guide

For a solo traveler there is no…

Why You Should Hire a 4×4 Land Cruiser for Your Safari

A dream safari takes a lot of planning, and transportation is one crucial arrangement you have to make. Rather than buy a ready-made tour to an East African destination, you can decide to have an individually-curated tour, which requires you to rent a safari vehicle.

4×4 Land Cruisers are the most popular transport option for safaris. Explorer Kenya has an extensive fleet of well-maintained Land Cruisers that are perfect for a host of tours. You can hire a 4×4 in Kenya and Tanzania for 5 or more people. Our rental services include a skilled and experienced drivdriver-guideer guide.

When it comes to renting a safari vehicle, our selling points should not be…

How to Plan A Fun Kenyan Adventure Holiday

Going for an adventure safari in Kenya might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or not. Either way, it has to be exceptional. You don’t want to return from your trip hoping you did more. Without adequate preparations, even the simplest getaway can turn into a disaster. Imagine getting stuck halfway through your hiking tour because you didn’t bring enough supplies.

Adventure safaris in Kenya attract a lot of attention because the country offers incredible opportunities for thrill-seekers. Whatever your idea of fun is, whether it’s sailing in the Indian Ocean or exploring the Aberdares, make sure you take full advantage. For that, you need to think about a few things.

Some adventurers…

Seeing kenya through the lens. The basics of a photography tour

Kenya is a magical place. It’s one of the most naturally diverse destinations in Africa. It offers contrasting landscapes that range from arid deserts with decades-old acacia to riverine forests shrouded in fog to exquisite sandy beaches. So, it’s almost a disservice for any photographer not to consider Kenya for photography tours.

Whether you are a complete amateur or veteran photographer, you can find the perfect subjects for your stills in the East African nation. Photo safaris in Kenya allow you to capture the soul of the land in various settings. Photograph some splendid sights like a million wildebeest migrating across the Masai Mara, elephants covered in red-dust bathing in the Galana River in…

The Only Guide to a Dream Honeymoon Safari in Kenya

Wherever the bar is in your romantic relationship, a honeymoon demands you take it a notch higher. Getting away together to celebrate your union might not be the first time you travel as a couple, but it is unique. You are celebrating the beginning of a new stage in your life. Naturally, it must be exceptional. So, your honeymoon has to be memorable in all the right ways. Picking a destination is one of the hardest parts of planning a romantic holiday, and if you are here, half the job is done.

Kenya is a top honeymoon destination in Africa, thanks to its diverse offerings. Whether you hope for a quiet time in the…

Tips For Organizing A Dream Honeymoon Safari In Kenya

Tips for Organising a Dream Safari Honeymoon in Kenya

The perfect honeymoon safari takes work to plan, and if it’s your first time, then expect a lot of stress. Combined with the strain of planning all the other minute wedding details, honeymoon preparations can quickly go awry. One minute you are deciding that a bush holiday in Kenya is the best idea, and the next you are canceling all plans because you didn’t cover everything. What a waste.

So, why not learn everything about organizing a romantic safari to avoid a few common mistakes? Honeymooning in Kenya is one of the best decisions you will ever make. The country caters to…

Wildlife of Kenya – What Can You Expect To See On Safari?

Kenya provides spectacular scenery and fantastic opportunities to view animals in their natural environment. The so-called ‘big five’ animal types are abundant in Kenya, but you may be fortunate enough to see some rarer species as well.

Throughout August to October, most widely known as the ‘Dry Season’, you can see the famous wildebeest migration between the Masai Mara National Reserve and the Serengeti. The must-see highlight being the famous Mara River crossing.

Safari trips to Kenya arguably provide the best opportunities to see wild animals anywhere in the world. The numerous national parks, lakes, and nature reserves provide a stunning backdrop that will deliver an unforgettable experience.